Cops are NWO

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COPS...some people just don't GET IT
Posted by: Azuurlin () Date: March 04, 2009 12:21PM

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3/29/2010 1:18 PM

Cops are NWO


Quote recorderguy;458411 If someone really thinks Police are the enemy, When something bad goes down, they are the ones who are cried for to come and save the day.

Because sheeple can't protect themselves because guns are evil...

Quote recorderguy;458411 Are there a few bad apples? Sure, there are in any profession. As a whole, they are good, honest people. If they weren't society would have already come to a grinding halt.

I know lots of "good cops". They are the ones that quit and flat out told me they quit because of it and think the only other good cops are the ones that also quit. If you are currently a cop you ARE the enforcement arm of the enemy. Don't try to kid yourself otherwise.

Quote recorderguy;458411 Don't ever generalize. It makes a fool.

Yes, it's always foolish to think that one who wears the enemy's uniform might in fact be an enemy. Don't give me this "some of them are good people bullcrap". Guess what, during WWII (or whichever war you wanna pick) there were ALWAYS good people on both sides shooting at each other. Even "good Christians" shooting at each other. (the civil war is a pretty good example too). That didn't change the fact that they were the enemy. If they didn't want to be the enemy anymore they took off his uniform and left his ranks. Fact is anyone with brains who is "a good cop" doesn't stay a cop, they don't let you stay anyway if you don't tow THEIR line.

Quote recorderguy;458411 Most of the time you only see a policeman when there is trouble. You were speeding, parked where you shouldn't have, had a tail light out, got in an accident, someone died, someone was robbed, your house was broken into, your husband beat you up, your uncle was arrested, your kid smoked some weed, whatever. It doesn't matter. It's easier to hate the outsider than understand him and his job.

WOW. Half the things you listed are just things they use for revenue collecting or excuses to pull you over so they can do more illegal things.

Quote recorderguy;458411 It's like saying you hate all teachers because you got a C on one test.

No it's not. I keep seeing the same theme pop up from you...and the answer is simple and the point I've been trying to convey, it's called guilt by association.

Quote recorderguy;458411 Nobody ever calls the Police to chat because they are having a good day and wanted to share it and have a pleasant conversation. Ever. Now, think about that for a second and let it sink in. Their entire day, even their best day, is dealing with other people's bad days, and maybe even their worst days.

I did once because I was bored.

Quote recorderguy;458411 And as far as their patrol cars being seen...That's one of the points. They're supposed to be seen. They are a visible deterent.

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3/29/2010 1:18 PM

Cops are NWO

So that's why they remove the light bar from the roof and paint the car all one color with ghost writing that you can't see until you are on top of it. I've even seen some go so far as to remove the pushbar to make it less evident.

Quote recorderguy;458411 If they wanted to, they absolutely could drive whatever they want. That would defeat some of the purpose of a patrol car if they all just cruised around in whatever they wanted.

And some places they do. The patrol car usually has some nifty little add ons they use...which by the time you get done...makes it an obvious patrol car. (to the trained eye at least...I mean they always seem to leave the spotlights in plain view which is a dead giveaway). I won't be responding to anything else in this thread directly relating to the validity of cops. No need to, if you don't "GET IT" by now, I'm wasting my time.

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3/29/2010 1:18 PM