Dear John, Do you know how far the Democrats are willing to go to stop Tom Corbett?

Earlier this week, Tom Corbett joined with Democrat and Republican Attorneys General in a lawsuit to protect the sovereignty of Pennsylvania from Congress' attempt to strip away the individual liberties of our citizens and businesses; an unconstitutional power grab by the federal government. Democrats in Harrisburg disagree with Tom that the 10th Amendment and separation of powers between the states and federal government should be preserved. This week liberal Democrats in Harrisburg targeted him with partisan political attacks - even going so far as to publicly threaten to cut funding for the Attorney General's office unless he caves to their demands. We need your help to defend Tom from these partisan attacks. There is a fundraising report deadline on March 29 - only two short days away. Will you please show your support for Tom by making a donation to our campaign today?

Every day, Tom works hard to ensure that the pocketbooks of the citizens of Pennsylvania are protected. Instead of engaging in mere rhetoric, the Attorney General's office - under Tom's leadership - assisted over 4,700 consumers and saved Pennsylvanians over $4.2 million in 2009 alone. Now Tom is working to stop the federal government from threatening individual liberties by imposing this mandate that forces individuals to buy health insurance. With Harrisburg Democrats publicly attacking Tom and threatening to withhold funds from the Attorney General's office, he needs your support now more than ever. If the Democrats are willing to go this far to threaten Tom, imagine how far they will go to raise money to keep him from becoming our next governor. In two short days, the finance period ends. The media and our opposition will use this to gauge the public support for Tom and his actions on behalf of Pennsylvania's taxpayers. Please, help us show that Tom's dedication to protecting Pennsylvania's taxpayers has strong support

from across the Commonwealth. Your donation of $100, $50, $25 or more will send a strong message to the media and our opponents. Sincerely, Brian Nutt Campaign Manager Tom Corbett for Governor