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National Gallery of Writing

National Gallery of Writing

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Published by USA TODAY Education
Instructions for college students who want to submit a piece of writing to USA TODAY's gallery in the National Gallery of Writing.
Instructions for college students who want to submit a piece of writing to USA TODAY's gallery in the National Gallery of Writing.

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Published by: USA TODAY Education on Mar 29, 2010
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National Gallery of Writing

VOICES Writing Gallery

USA TODAY invites college writers and journalists to submit their work to our gallery in the National Gallery of Writing. Through this gallery, we hope to build and support a community of young writers who will become our next generation of reporters and editors. USA TODAY will display the best submissions in our gallery. At the end of each month, we will choose the top three submissions of the month for review by one of our editors. If the three student authors permit it, we will post the feedback from our editor in the gallery so that other college writers can gain insights from it. Why should you submit your work? • To publish your best work and gain visibility for it. • To have staff at USA TODAY take a look at what you can do. • If selected, to get feedback on your writing by an editor from the nation’s #1 newspaper. • To be able to state on your resume that your work has been published in USA TODAY’s gallery in the National Gallery of Writing. • To be a part of USA TODAY’s community of up-and-coming journalists. How can you submit your work? Submit your work to our gallery at http://galleryofwriting.org/galleries/114339. Questions? Go to the gallery at http://galleryofwriting.org/galleries/114339 or email the gallery curator, Dr. Sara Davis, at sdavis@usatoday.com.

VOICES Writing Gallery - Frequently Asked Questions
1. What are the submission requirements? A. The author must be a currently enrolled college student. B. The piece must focus on a current event/issue. 2. What are the judging criteria for acceptance? After ensuring that the piece meets the two submission requirements, the curator then looks at the overall merits of the piece, including grammar, style and quality of content. 3. What genres are accepted? All genres. 4. Is there a length requirement? No. It can be as short or as long as you please. 5. What formats are accepted? All formats. Video, audio, written, website, photo, etc. 6. Can I submit a previously published piece? Yes, as long as you have permission to re-use the piece. 7. Can I submit more than one piece? No. The National Gallery of Writing only allows us to accept one submission per person. 8. When will I know if my piece was selected to be read by a USA TODAY editor? Authors of selected pieces will be notified during the first week of the month after they submitted their pieces. 9. How can I see submissions from past months that were selected to be read by a USA TODAY editor? The “Featured” piece in the gallery provides the editor’s comments on and the titles of the pieces selected the previous month. You can browse the gallery to read the pieces. 10. When is my piece eligible to be selected for review by an editor? It is only eligible for the month in which it was originally submitted. For example, if you submitted the piece in April, it is eligible in April but ineligible in May. 11. When can I see the editor’s comments on the previous month’s selected pieces? If the authors give us permission to post the editor’s comments, we will post them by the middle of the following month. For example, the editor’s comments on October pieces would be posted in the gallery by mid-November.

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