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Man up and be a woman!

I am a woman and I am a feminist. I dont mean scary eyebrows

or unshaven legs, Im not a man hating male oppressor and I
most certainly do not condone acts that promote the
degradation of men and the ideology that females are superior
to males.


I am a woman and I am a feminist. This means I work for social justice. The
freedom of women from forced prostitution. I fight for the abolishment of
forced marriages that according to currently traps 37,000
young females aged 10-15 everyday to a life of rape, slavery, early mother
hood, domestic abuse and degradation. I work for the education of young
girls, so that they may be given a life of their own choosing; and this is just the
icing on the cake.
In current Western society very few people understand what true feminism
really is. Celina Durgin from National Review discovered that only 40% of
women, globally, fight for the rights that concern their freedom and
fundamental right of free choice. This has occurred as a result of the
misinterpretation of what Feminism truly is. wrote an article about
the #WomenAgainstFeminism tumblr hashtag, asking ordinary people why
they support this belief. One woman (who chose to remain anonymous)
stated, I dont need feminism because I believe in equality, not entitlements
and supremacy.
If you promote anti-feminism then youre supporting beliefs that will result in
30 million girls, between the ages of 10-15 to experience genital mutilation
this year alone. You will also be encouraging 17 million girls out of 31 million
of primary school age to never spend a day at school in their life. You will be
fuelling the idea that the oppression of women is a concept that simply does
not exist or, is of little importance.
This misshapen view is a result of Radical fundamentalist feminists. Groups
that support these fundamentalist views promote extreme ideas, such as
female supremacy. However, this minority of people are masking what real
feminism is. Feminism isnt the notion of overpowering men; its the notion of
encouraging female empowerment by altering the way the world perceives
female strength.
If a woman who lives in western society states that she is not a feminist, then
she has misunderstood its purpose. If you enjoy the freedoms you have as a

woman then you are a feminist; and instead of thinking of feminism as

something that shames you, come out of the brick wall that society has
confined to you; because you do have a choice and you have every right to be
a woman. A right so few in this world enjoy. So stand up and embrace your
womanhood by taking a stance and fighting so that all women are given free
choice; which is the essential idea of feminism.
Feminisms purpose is to encourage female empowerment in circumstances
where women are degraded due to race, religion, country or birth. It is a
known fact that if you were to paint the face of poverty it would be of a
Feminism is the ideology that females may have the right of choice and
freedom. The freedom from oppression/oppressors and the choice to create
their own lives.
No longer can we stand aside and watch generations of hard work fighting for
womens rights slip between our fingers.
Its time to stand up and be a woman
As Emma Watson stated in her empowering UN speech in 2014
It is time that we all see gender as a spectrum instead of two sets of
opposing ideals. We should stop defining each other by what we are not, and
start defining ourselves by who we are.