2015 Newsletter AGM Report

The BeCA Connector Newsletter remains the most popular method for residents to gain information on what is
happening around Bellvista and Bells Reach. The Connector is produced 8 times per year and is distributed across
the estates by volunteer deliverers.
A major focus for the latter part of this year has been to revamp the Newsletter format to make it more colourful,
attractive and informative. This has been attempted with a change of layout and the addition of photographs,
despite the photos being in black and white.
Volunteer deliverers deliver around 2,000 copies of the newsletter across Bells Reach and Bellvista.
The Newsletter is produced at no cost to BeCA through the generosity of State Parliament MP, Jarrod Bleijie’s office.
The staff there are only too willing to print the required copies via black and white photocopying. It is estimated this
saves the association in excess of $2000 p.a.
BeCA sincerely thanks Jarrod Bleijie’s office and the staff there.
Thanks must also go to the volunteer deliverers who do a wonderful job in ensuring the Newsletter is delivered to
homes across the estates. More volunteer deliverers are always sought, let BeCA know if you would be available to
help out in any way.
To further improve the look and feel of The Connector, an effort will be made where ever possible to upgrade the
adverts and make them more appealing in 2016.
The Newsletter and its advertising is the major source of income for the Bellvista and Bells Reach Community
Much of the news in the Connector is lifted directly from or heavily derived from the BeCA website. The website
should remain as the major source of information for all residents.
Nigel Marsh, Newsletter Sub-Committee Convenor.