Caloundra Aerodrome Forum 2015 AGM Report

This group meets four times per year, during business hours and usually at Council’s
Caloundra Offices. It was originally created to ensure all groups (Council, Sunshine
Coast Airport Management, residents, local businesses and operators) could meet to
exchange views on various issues affecting each other.
In 2015, the management of Caloundra Aerodrome was transferred to Sunshine Coast
Council, Property Management.
The quarterly meetings address items such as updates on Leases (operators at
Caloundra Aerodrome), the implementation of the “Caloundra Aerodrome Master
Plan”, any updates arising from the operation of Sunshine Coast Airport, updates from
various Councillors, Queensland Air Museum Reports, and discussion from the various
Community Groups in attendance.
The Community Groups include BeCA, Golden Beach Progress Association, Parklands
Community Group, Caloundra Chamber of Commerce and the Sunshine Coast
Residents’ Association (South).
At various occasions a presentation may be made by one of the lease owners
operating out of Caloundra Aerodrome or a new development or initiative being
undertaken by Airport Management.
It is at this meeting where resident organisations are brought up to date on any
negotiation developments between representatives of Sunshine Coast Airport and the
State Government on the creation of a permanent solution Satellite Helicopter Training
Both BeCA and Golden Beach Progress Association raise the issue of the Satellite
Helicopter Training Facility permanent solution on a regular basis. The resident
associations have managed to keep relocation of the Caloundra Aerodrome ‘on the
table’ of the Caloundra Aerodrome Forum despite protestations from a local Councillor.
The final Meeting for 2015 is due to be held in December.
Tabled by: John Lehmann & Les Thomas.