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CEP Lesson Plan Form

Teacher: Saraswoti Shinkle

Date: Oct. 15th, 2015

School: Poudre High School

Grade Level: 9

Content Area: Freshman Seminar MYP

Lesson #: 1

Title: Unplugged: The Pros and Cons of Technology

Content Standard(s) addressed by this lesson:

(Write Content Standards directly from the standard)

Content Area: Reading, Writing, and Communicating

Standard 1. Oral Expression and Listening.
2. Listening critically to comprehend a speakers message requires mental and physical strategies to
direct and maintain attention.
Understandings: (Big Ideas)

a. Initiate and participate effectively in a range of collaborative discussions (one-on-one, in groups,

and teacher-led) with diverse partners on grades 910 topics, texts, and issues, building on
others ideas and expressing their own clearly and persuasively. (CCSS: SL.9-10.1)
Inquiry Questions: (Essential questions relating knowledge at end of the unit of instruction, select

applicable questions from standard)

1. How does a speakers personal history affect his point of view?
2. What is appropriate feedback?
3. What is inappropriate feedback?
Evidence Outcomes: (Learning Targets)
Every student will be able to: (Create your own lesson objectives from the standard, follow the ABCD format,
using student voice)
I can: Introspectively look at myself, form opinions based off of personal knowledge and experience, and
articulate these opinions in writing and in discussion.
This means: I participate and share opinions of mine with the class in both in writing, and in talking.
I can: Look at two sides of a topic and list the pros and cons to different topics, based on my background
This means: I used my background knowledge to see both sides of a topic.
List of Assessments:
Formative Assessments: Based on the answers and participation on warm up questions, the gallery walk
answers, the discussion, and exit ticket (if time).

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CEP Lesson Plan Form

List of Significant Vocabulary: Technology. As a class we needed to set aside a moment and define what
technology meant to this class. One student mentioned the alphabet as a technological invention, whereas
most others thought of modern medicine and smart phones. So we needed to be on the same page, with a
working definition.

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CEP Lesson Plan Form

Planned Lesson Activities

Name and Purpose of Lesson
Should be a creative title for you and the
students to associate with the activity.
Think of the purpose as the mini-rationale
for what you are trying to accomplish
through this lesson.

Unplugged: The Pros and Cons of Technology.

Approx. Time and Materials

How long do you expect the activity to last
and what materials will you need?

35 minutes total.

How will you pre-assess students
knowledge of the topic to be covered?
Describe both formal and informal ways
you will assess their knowledge.
Anticipatory Set
The hook to grab students attention.
These are actions and statements by the
teacher to relate the experiences of the
students to the objectives of the lesson, To
put students into a receptive frame of
To focus student attention on the
To create an organizing framework
for the ideas, principles, or
information that is to follow
(advanced organizers)
An anticipatory set is used any time a
different activity or new concept is to be

This mini-lesson is to force students to look at technology throu

broader scope after attempting to live unplugged from technolo
weekend. They were impacted personally, but how does technol
shape them, but the world? This activity is to get them thinkin

I will need their warm up questions, masking tape, the gallery

topics/prompts, writing utensils, and possibly a smart board w
access (YouTube).
I will pre-asses with a couple of warm-up questions, which con
Disconnected activity. This will orient them to holding a conv
about their experiences, and see what kinds of technology they
deeming most significant.

For a Hook: I will allude to their disconnecting/unplugged acti

these students did over the weekend. I will tell them we will be
of this experience by doing a couple activities related to techno
will activate their prior knowledge and roadmap our day.
Start with warm-up:

Questions: When you think of technology, what is the most significant or revolutionary to
and why?

What is the most significant or revolutionary piece of technology to the world in your opin

*While students are doing their warm-ups, put up the sheets fo


Ask to 3-4 volunteers to share answers, then transition to galle

students to stand up with a writing utensil and direct them to
and write an answer on every sheet. Put their names next to th

Read a few answers aloud before transitioning to discussion. M

get in circle. Talk about questions on purple sheet.
(Include a play-by-play account of what
students and teacher will do from the

8:20- 8:25 minutes warm-up questions:

When you think of technology, what is the most significant, imp

interesting, or revolutionary invention or piece of technology to

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CEP Lesson Plan Form

minute they arrive to the minute they leave
your classroom. Indicate the length of each
segment of the lesson. List actual minutes.)
Indicate whether each is:
-teacher input
-questioning strategies
-whole-class practice
-group practice
-individual practice
-check for understanding
Those actions or statements by a teacher
that are designed to bring a lesson
presentation to an appropriate conclusion.
Used to help students bring things together
in their own minds, to make sense out of
what has just been taught. Any
Questions? No. OK, lets move on is not
closure. Closure is used:
To modify: If the activity is too advanced
for a child, how will you modify it so that
they can be successful?
To extend: If the activity is too easy for a
child, how will you extend it to develop
their emerging skills?
How will you know if students met the
learning targets? Write a description of
what you were looking for in each

personally, and why?/ To the world? Why?

* Ask for 3-4 volunteers to share their answers.
8:25-8:35 Gallery Walk Pro/Cons activity. Read some answers
class at end.

8:35-8:50 Class discussion on Unplugging over the weekend. G

questions on purple sheet.
8:50-8:55 Watch An Ever Changing World on YouTube.

8:55-9:00 Closure, and Exit Ticket?

For closure, and for recursive learning ask them:

After having experienced a weekend of being unplugged, how

this has changed your perception of technology? Positively or N
a bit of both? Do you think you are personally too plugged in? W

Then after they answer this, collect their work, and let the clas

To modify with multiple intelligences, I have the students writin

speaking. I have them getting up and moving around for a mor
and minds-on activity. And I have them doing a class discussio
collaboratively and share opinions. I also include a video for my
visual/auditory learners.

I will know if the student met the learning targets solely on the
participation with each classroom activity. This depends on the
what they write on the gallery walk, and if they speak and activ
during discussion. Their exit ticket will be another indicator of
participation in class, as well as their learning.

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CEP Lesson Plan Form

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CEP Lesson Plan Form

Post Lesson Reflection

To what extent were lesson objectives achieved? (Utilize assessment data to

justify your level of achievement)
I think what I wanted to accomplish was achieved. Kids were introspective in
their answers for the gallery walk, as well as their warmup questions. And they
were able to see that technology can be negative, as well as positive because
they activated their background knowledge.

What changes, omissions, or additions to the lesson would you make if

you were to teach again?
Both Monique and I agreed that this should not have been a mini-lesson after
the fact. This needed to be a discussion that took more time and went at
different angles. Id make more time in my lessons for it and stretch it out. We
didnt even get to the video because the conversations we were having were so

3 What do you envision for the next lesson? (Continued practice, reteach
content, etc.)
I envision having more time. Maybe I wouldnt have to read their answers on the
gallery walk to save time, but I wanted to do so for recursive learning. Id make
the discussion longer, Id add in more questions like, Do you think your
parents could do this, why or why not? Wed look at how technology has been
used in past generations. Maybe wed talk about what time era they would want
to live in, in the context of technology. And wed also take time as a class and
define what technology is. One student of mine answered the alphabet as being
the most revolutionary, whereas one student said modern medicine. So wed
explore more facets of this topic, with more depth if we had more time.

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