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Is sexuality something were born

with or is it something we learn?

Is sexuality something were born with or something we learn? We can go
either way with this because it can be learned, as a result people struggle with their
identity and kids surroundings affect the way they learn. On the other hand, we can
be born with sexuality because we can show sexual behaviors as infants and we are
said to be born with a specific sexuality. Many people struggle with identity and
finding themselves which leads the research as evident to believe that sexuality is
something you learn over time.

Many people believe that sexuality/gender is learned as evidenced by people

struggling with their identity. For example, research suggests that the development
of gender identity and sexuality cuts across physical, cognitive, social, and
emotional developmental dimensions (Oswalt). This research states that people
struggle with their gender and sexuality because of their social surroundings. This
might mean that they are affected by what others may think or say. It is said its
learned because they still have troubles with gender/sexuality throughout their life.
Referring to the research, They continue to struggle with their true identity through
adulthood(Oswalt). In other words, they are confused about their identity and they
try to find themselves out throughout time.

Surroundings also affect the way kids start to learn about gender/sexuality.
According to the article, development of gender identity by examining young
children's day to day play. It also mentions gender specific toys(Oswalt). This

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statement suggests that you should check up on your kids frequently. The checkups may benefit in teaching your child to use their own toys, as it says girls should
use barbies, kitchens etc. and boys should use cars, tool kits etc.. The childs
environment may also affect the way they view sexuality. For instance, grandma,
mom, and Aunt Nicole making thanksgiving dinner and repeatedly hears mom ask
dad to repair something(Oswalt). This is saying that the child's environment/home
is affecting the way they see sexuality because their parents are the ones who set
examples for a child and the way they start to learn more about it.

Although some people may think were born with sexuality others believe were
born with our sexuality. As the article states, children begin showing sexual
behaviors and interest in their sexual functioning starting in infancy(Oswalt). By
this, it can mean that sexuality would be something we develop sexuality as babies
because it saying that we start to know about it as infants.

People are also born with a specific sexual gene (homosexuality). Referring to
research Gay men have chromosomes that were stretched compared to straight
men also it states that most convincing studies have proved conclusively that
sexual orientation in men as a genetic cause(Abrams). What both of these
statements are saying is that we are born with our sexuality because sexuality is
something that can be told by observing our genes because they seem to appear
different than other straight people.

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