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Tuesday, October 13th


Why Socrates is a true individual.

Socrates was one of the most iconic mentors in literature of all time, when it comes
to the teachings of knowledge and truth that is. He is widely known for seeking
lifes answers constantly from the so called all-knowing philosophers of his time
and making a mockery of the impersonators of the knowledge they think they
know inside and out. Socrates was unequivocal as being a true individual because
he was always true to himself, his religious beliefs and honesty towards the justice
system were always honoured with the highest standard, and he stood strongly for
what he believed in. Those were the traits that credited the title of truth and loyalty.
Socrates was a man who had extensive knowledge on a wide margin of
topics throughout his existence. He certainly did know everything but definitely
understood no one can always be right. He was very true to himself in the aspect
about understanding different perspectives on peoples different outlooks on
opinions and answers to questions. Socrates made clear to other only the cold hard
facts on concrete issues that he was certain about, anything that could have a
biased opinion he was glad to listen and try to understand but would never teach
what he did not know. All the sophists at the time could charge an arm and a leg for
what their opinion was on whatever they were teaching. While Socrates on the
other hand did receive one drachmae for his outlooks on the same categories
sophists required handsome payments for. I have never set up as any mans
teacher; but if anyone you may be quite sure that he is not telling the truth. 33a-

b. This quote solidifies his truth to himself and the general population for only
wanting to spread the news of cold hard facts and banish the thoughts of one track
Another aspect of what makes Socrates a genuinely true individual would be
his honesty in following the justice system and putting gods outlook on things as
his number one priority. Throughout the apology he constantly shows the jurors
that he is brought to earth from god to make life more understandable to the
general public. Doing whatever he can to make people learn the truth is just
another one of his assigned duties from the man upstairs in his mind. Before the
trial took place Socrates had a fairly good idea that the verdict would not be tilted
in his favour. Sure he had an allotted amount of time to scurry over to the next
town run away from his current problem and never return but in the eyes of god it
would deem himself to be a coward to avoid the law. Taking a look from what he
explained to the members in the court Gentlemen, I am your very grateful and
devoted servant, but I owe a greater obedience to god indicating the truth for
everyone that I meet. 29d. All Socrates wanted to do was serve the lord in as best
a way he could. For this reason he stayed at the trial and was found guilty because
it was the truthful thing to do.
Lastly, in order to be a true individual, you must stay true to yourself and
everyone around you. Socrates was a strong-minded person who stood up for

himself when nobody else would. As long as from his perspective on certain things
that he knew he would be telling the truth, it would not deter him from others not
understanding. Everyone knows Socrates was not afraid of death and as long as the
point he was trying to get across to others was valid, he would always stick his
neck out on the chopping block to get the truth across. And so, gentlemen, I
would say, you can please yourselvesnot even if I have to die a hundred
deaths.30b. This quote shows that like his answer or not he will not be changing it
in order to save himself from death. As Socrates would say if he needed to get his
point across do your worst jurors I am honest to myself and standing up for what I
believe in!
In conclusion, Socrates is true to himself in mentoring and learning the right
from the wrong, he is very conscious of pleasing his god by doing right whether or
not it gives him a bad reputation, and lastly he makes sure throughout his life and
the trial that he stands up for what he believes in. Socrates is a very true individual
for these reasons above and possibly some that I have not mentioned, but that is for
me to learn more about in the future. Lets face it I could try and mention
everything truthful in this essay, but you and Socrates both know that no one can
understand everything in life fully. In understanding that you will be one step
closer to complete honesty and becoming a true individual yourself will give much
more satisfaction in life than being a know-it-all sophist.