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The fact that Presbyterians are not

Methodists, Catholics or Baptists is a matter
of circumstances and history. The
Presbyterian Church;
Has an evangelization Character.
Has maintained teaching and promulgating
of the great facts of the faith once delivered
to the saints.
Takes the scripture of both the old
Testament and new Testament as inspired
word of God.
Takes the scripture, as the supreme rule of
faith and practice containing all things
necessary for salvation and the holy spirit is
its interpreter.
Merits of its members
Humility and Honesty.
Inward piety.
Hard work.
Use Twi, Ga and Ewe more than English.
Prefers working in the rural areas or bush
Our attitude to money is caution and

discipline, wise spending. They did not

spend what they do not have nor do they
spend all that they have.
Strict on moral discipline.
Self-reliance. From as far back as 1881 the
Basel Mission produced voluntary
contribution among their Church Members.
Respect for parents, adults, teachers and
authority without question.
Efficiency and thoroughness, a practical
attitude towards life, Never fearing or
shirking our duty, work obligation and
Trained to wash and iron our own clothes
not to employ others to do for us, selfreliant, resourceful, serious and to pay
detailed attention to our books and religious
Confirmation at standard six-seven and first
communion in our late teens.
Deep respect and reverence for the
A sense of inner contact and consciousness
of the imminence (present inheritance of
God permanently pervading universe).
A determination to live as Christians all the

days of our lives in the membership and

fellowship of the church.
Trying to live as the salt of the earth.
Making ourselves useful, kind and
industrious in all work of the community.
Discipline our thoughts and actions as
benefiting Christians.