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“COME HELP CHANGE THE WORLD”. Those words by Dr. Bill Bright, founder of
Campus Crusade for Christ, captured my heart as a college student almost 20 years
ago when I first considered “full-time” ministry as a vocation. Now, in my 17th year
on staff with Cru, that same invitation to “come help change the world” continues
to capture my heart. But something has changed.
As a college student, and even up till recently, I largely held to the idea “helping to
fulfill the Great Commission” meant sharing my faith, leading people to Christ, and
discipling them to do the same. The more people who come to Christ, the closer we
will be to fulfilling the Great Commission. More lives will be changed, which meant
the world would change. “Come help change the world.”
Andy Crouch, one of the thought leaders for our national staff conference this
summer asked this: “What are we in the world for? What is the mission of God in
the world?” The obvious answer seems to be - to love God and to love others; to
help as many people to come into the saving knowledge of God (i.e., evangelism and
discipleship). After all, “Go and make disciples” was one of the last things Jesus said
before ascending to heaven. Crouch offered a more robust answer (maybe one that
helps us more fully understand what Jesus said) - “it is the restoration of the
divine image.”
Where did he get this notion from? He says this: “Your story of creation will
determine your story of power. Your story of power will determine your story of
what it is to be human. And your story of what it is to be human will determine your
capacity for partnership.” He happened to be speaking on the day that our theme
was on the topic of partnership. But if you were to take his statement and replace
the word “partnership,” you really could substitute so many things (e.g., loving your
neighbor, loving your gay friends, loving your spouse, leadership, discipleship, and
yes, even evangelism).

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• Pray that Truman is able to make
meaningful networking connections in
communities of color in our city. He is
trying to connect with a city councilman.
Pray for favor.
• Pray for Amber’s ministry as she
continues to make meaningful
connections with young moms in the
• Pray for a healthy pregnancy and for our
sweet daughter as she grows and
develops! Pray for energy for Amber…
pregnancy is hard on her body.
• Praise God with us for the blessing of a
new addition to our family!!

As a team, Cru City Influentials, we work with influential leaders in the city. But is it enough to
simply “reach” these leaders? To share Christ with them and hope they give their lives to Him? And
trust this will lead to the flourishing of the city? Not if we come to understand that God’s mission in
this world is the restoration of the divine image. God created humans in His image. We are His
image bearers. Humans were created to be fruitful, multiply, and fill the earth. In other words, God
created humans in His image for the world to flourish.

You and I know, in us and in the world, that divine image however is broken and in much need of
restoration. Our team’s tagline - “Engaging leaders to live out their calling for the flourishing of their city.” If we help influential
leaders not only come to Jesus, but also to live out their calling - who they were created to be, to move in the direction of a restored
divine image, maybe then, we would see the flourishing of the city. Maybe then, we would see the world change.
Thank you for all you do, in your prayers and in your giving, that allow us to engage influential leaders in the city.
change th e world,
Than k you for partn ering with us in h elping to
Trum an, Amber, and Hudson Lo