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As SJKC LEE MIN’s students enrolment is getting low, facing the possibility to be reduced tobecoming Sekolah
Kurang Murid (school with least students), we have used many way to increase the number of our students enrolment.
The most effective way is through the video clip. To maintain SJKC LEE MIN as a grade B school which means a
school with enrolment rate more than 150 students, we have launched a video clip to promote the speciality of the
school. Located in a semi- rural area, leading the SJKC Lee Min in becoming a 21st century innovation school is not a
tough task. This school have been instrumental in implementing the idea of innovation to other schools. The video
shows SJKC Lee Min having strong ties with their community and students feel comfortable in their school, enabling
them to achieve the maximum potential for learning. Society often have the stigma of rural schools as being detrimental to students' achievement, but SJKC Lee Min has proven to be advantageous for several reasons through the video.
The video clip has attracted more than 6700 views and more than 508 likes from 13 July 2015 to date, on the school’s
social media site - Facebook. This video clip is to depict the real-life necessity for our children in the 21st century.
Implication and impact

- Students need to have good skills and have to be proactive with
an appropriate futuristic set of mind.
-Students need to be active in co curriculum
activity along with high academic achievement
-SJKC Lee Min a semi-rural school can lead a 21st century
learning for the students and
-SJKC Lee Min consists 21st century classroom , creative and
innovative corner.

Objectives of innovation

To receive an effective and rewarding learning

To be educated in a conducive and positive environment which will in turn develop a holistic and positive

To experience collaborative and cooperative learning
in the classroom
To be immersed in a critical and creative learning envi-

ronment where higher order thinking prompts are always present in solving problems.

To be immersed in a learning environment where stu-

21st century learning

dents take charge and gain ownership of their learning
experience, which would in turn make them lifelong
To be given the opportunity to discover one’s preferred

learning dominance and learning styles

3D picture encourage students to have a competition
with their friends to see who can design the craziest invention

3D picture encourage and inspire students and kids to

21st century teaching

bring their ideas to life.

The beauty of 3D picture is that it has the ability to help
students with every subject matter.

21st century learning through technology

21st century cooperative learning and
21st century creative and innovation corner


Creates learning practices and human support

21st century cooperative learning and

Strong ties with community


Discipline and energetic