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Khaula Bibi

Age: 6 Class: 1
Daughter of Altaf Hussain
and Safoora Bibi
Siblings: Samar (12),
Shobaid (11) and Areeba (4)

Khaula Bibi
Khaula was the youngest, and only female student killed in
the horrific attack. According to her father, a teacher at APS,
December 16 was Khaula’s first day at school. She had gained
admission to class 1 a day earlier, and was excited to study at
the same school as her siblings.

Her family describes little Khaula as a flower. Even at that
tender age, she was passionate about education and was
outspoken about the right of girls to go to school. She helped
weak classmates with their English and Urdu. She persuaded
a professor in her neighbourhood to send his daughter to
school, and despite his vehement opposition, he melted. He
was swayed by Khaula and her sweet words.

Her family is shattered. Her mother says she will never
recover from the loss of her precious daughter.

Shahzad Ijaz
Age: 12 Class: 8
Son of Mian Ijaz Ahmed
and Tahira Ijaz
Siblings: Hina Ijaz (16),
Zakriya Ijaz (12) and Bisma
Ijaz (9)

Shahzad Ijaz
Polite and studious, Shahzad had dreamed of
becoming an airforce pilot. Rashid Minhas was his role
model. Shahzad would collect pictures of the airforce, and
loved reading books about fighter jets and air combat.

Shahzad enjoyed playing sports, especially cricket.
Ahmed Shahzad was his favourite player. His younger
brother Zakriya, who is a student at the APS, recalls how
once in grade 7 Shahzad injured his arm during a football
match but didn’t quit playing despite the fracture.

On the day of attack, Shahzad had woken up early, eager
to put on his new clothes. The clothes were for his
upcoming interview for PAF College. Shahzad had passed
the college test with 90 per cent marks. The result arrived
seven days after his passing.

Age: 12 Class: 8
Son of Nazir Ahmed and
Siblings: Laaraib (9),
Shawaiz (6) and Shaheer

Shahzeb always rushed home from school to dive into
his computer games. He would save all his pocket
money to buy CDs of the latest titles. Once exiting the
world of games, he also enjoyed listening to music and
reading books.

Young Shahzeb also performed well when it came to
his studies and had just secured high marks in his last
exam. He also won several medals in academics and
extra-curricular activities.

Remembered by his father as a brave boy, Shahzeb
chose the lives of his friends over his own. His
classmate Samiullah says Shahzeb saved him and their
other friends during the massacre.

Ziaullah Islam
Age: 12 Class: 8
Son of Naik Abdul Qadir
and Nishaat Qadir
Siblings: Shehnaz
Shabnam (17), Moin ul
Islam (15), Nayab Sadaf
(13), Aiman (9)
and Muhammad Talha (6).

Ziaullah Islam
Ziaullah wanted to become an electrical engineer
when he grew up. He never missed the opportunity
to try and repair electrical appliances at home.

Ziaullah's teacher recalls that the boy loved
maths, and always talked about wanting to
invent interesting machines such as an electric car.

Naturally, Ziaullah was an avid fan of the racing
game Need for Speed.

He was very close to his mother and called her his
best friend. One of his favourite activities was
visiting the bazaar inside Peshawar Cantonment to
sip on hot corn soup with his brother.

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