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NGSS Lesson Planning Template

Grade/ Grade Band:
grade 2

Topic: food chain

Lesson # energy
from food

Brief Lesson Description:
Students will explain how a food chain works.
Performance Expectation(s):
Students will be able to know what the predator and prey
Specific Learning Outcomes:
Students will be able to classify what animals can be predator
and animal that is caught and eaten
Narrative / Background Information
Prior Student Knowledge:
They already know different types of animals, plants and their
needs to survive , and where do they live and how to get food .
They also know different habitats.
Science &
 Asking
observation and
information are
helpful in
thinking the

Disciplinary Core
-Provide a key tool
 Cause and
for understanding or
investigating more
 Energy and
complex ideas and
matter: flows,
solving problem.
cycle and
-relate to the
interest and life
experiences of

Possible Preconceptions/Misconceptions:
They may confuse which animal is predator or prey. They may
find it hard to recognize what type of food every animal is

ENGAGE: Opening Activity – Access Prior Learning / Stimulate
Interest / Generate Questions:

I will review the last lesson regarding food chain using power point.
Then let them see different example of food chain and ask them if the
chain is in correct order. Then allow them to put in order those who are
in wrong cycle and explain.
EXPLORE: Lesson Description – Materials Needed / Probing or
Clarifying Questions:
I will explain to them what is prey and what is predator. Then
give example of animals that belongs to each category.
EXPLAIN: Concepts Explained and Vocabulary Defined:
I will give each group different animals in live in the same
habitat but I will give each group different habitat. Then tell
them to do a food chain and identify which animal is the
predator and which the prey.
Vocabulary: (prey, predator).
ELABORATE: Applications and Extensions:
I will give each student a worksheet and let them identify and
write which is the prey and which is the predator. After they
finish this activity I will let them write their own food chain and
explain just in two sentences.
We will answer the worksheet together and correct some
mistakes and misconceptions.
Elaborate Further / Reflect: Enrichment:
I will ask them some questions and I will also allow them to ask
questions from me for those they didn’t quite understand. I will
also give them homework to find different animals and classify
them as predator or prey.