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Bilal Arshad

Age: 17 Class: 8
Son of Arshad Ali and
Naheed Arshad
Siblings: Rashid Ali (19),
Shahkar Ali (18), Mashal
Arshad (14), Saleena
Arshad (12) and Zarak
Khan (10)

Bilal Arshad
Bilal Arshad always aspired to join the Pakistan Army as a
commissioned officer. A capable athlete, he enjoyed
playing volleyball and badminton and also won several
laurels for both games. He was exceptionally disciplined
and maintained an impeccable appearance, putting a lot
of thought into the clothes he wore.
Giving by nature, Bilal often convinced his father to give
him money so that he could treat his less-privileged
friends to a nice restaurant.

On the morning of the attack, he brought home two cakes
before leaving for school. He ate one and told his mother
to serve the other to his father who was sleeping at that
time. Bilal’s father woke up late that day and immediately
learnt of the APS attack that also claimed his son’s life. Till
date, the cake is still at home.

Muhammad Sahiban Durrani
Age: 17 Class: 10
Son of Zabith Khan
and Shabnam
Siblings: Roman Khan
Durrani (19), Seema (17),
Saba Durrani (15), Sana
Durrani (13), Huma Durrani
(11), Jibran Khan Durrani (8)
and Jasmin Durrani (8)

Muhammad Sahiban Durrani
Brother of seven, Sahiban was of a very serious
disposition. He aspired to join the army as an officer
and for that purpose concentrated on his studies a
lot. Sometimes, he would be up at 3am, going
through his lessons and preparing for the coming
day at school.

Close to his mother, Sahiban would tell her how he
would stand by her "in this world and the next".

His father says Sahiban had a favourite spot under a
tree near his house. This is where he would relax and
unwind. It is now the spot where he is buried.

Aimal Khan
Age: 18 Class: 2nd
Son of Mr. and Mrs.
Attique Akhtar
Siblings: Ahmad Jan (16),
Malaika Arman (12) and
Zarak Khan (10).

Aimal Khan
Aimal Khan always wondered why the most hardworking
people in his city used to sleep in the streets. According to
his father, the young boy showed empathy beyond his years.

Aimal made it to the point regularly serve meals to the poor,
and during Ramazan, he would make sure all police
checkposts in his area were delivered a ration for Iftar.

Aimal was also known in his neighbourhood as a talented
artist, and his sketches of sports cars garnered a lot of praise
on the internet. He had restored several cars, and his
decorative work on seats and rims earned him quite a lot of

Aimal’s father proudly declared that the family had never
received a complaint about their 18-year-old boy. He was
their perfect child.

Ibrar Zahid
Age: 18 Class: 2nd
Son of Zahid Rashid and
Shahida Bano
Siblings: Mohammad
Azkaar Zahid (15)
and Mohammad Absar
Zahid (11)

Ibrar Zahid
The eldest amongst his siblings, Ibrar was a hardworking
student and responsible young man. His father says when his
son was alive, he did not have to worry about his younger
children as Ibrar looked after them like a parent. He also took
great care of his mother, and would often run errands with
her or take her to the hospital for check ups.

He was obsessed with computer hardware and software and
hoped to be an engineer when he grew up.

Ibrar was shot three times – in the spine, chest and leg. He
fought for his life for a week after the attack, but succumbed
to his injuries on December 23. His mother misses him
terribly. She looks at his photographs, trophies, books, his
school bag daily – and says she will never forget him.

Imran Ali
Age: 18 Class: 2nd
Son of Mr. and Mrs. Nisar

Imran Ali
Imran Ali’s family could not be contacted for this obituary.
Imran’s teacher Miss Andaleep Aftab says he came from a
very modest home in Kurram Agency. He lived away from
his family, at a local hostel in Peshawar. His mother was a
tailor and bore all his educational expenses.
His teacher says that if he were alive, he would have
pursued his dream to be a doctor, and would have made
an excellent one.

She also says he was eager to polish his English. Each
morning, he would reach school early with a list of difficult
words he wanted to know the meanings of.
He was an only child.

Ishaq Amin
Age: 18 Class: 2nd
Son of Mohammad Amin
and Zarshida
Siblings: Waqar Amin (27),
Said Amin (25), Dilawais
(23), Amir Amin (17)
and Asfandyar Amin (12)

Ishaq Amin
A serious child, Ishaq Amin was a devoted student and
enjoyed the sciences.

He was very close to his brother Amir Amin — an APS
student who was injured during the Dec 16 attack —
the two were good friends. His brothers says Ishaq
enjoyed watching English movies, particularly horror
films or those relating to combat and war heroes.

A child still, he would ask his father to bring sacrificial
animals for Eidul Azha at least a week in advance so he
could get time to play with them.

Muhammad Imran
Age: 18 Class: 2nd
Son of Abdul Karim

Muhammad Imran
The family of Muhammad Imran could not
be contacted for this obituary.
His teachers say Imran was a reserved and
shy student.
He was the favourite student of Mr Altaf
Hussain, a teacher at APS, who said he could
not find any fault in him.
He wanted to be an automotive engineer.

Muhammad Zeeshan Afridi
Age: 18 Class: 10
Son of Hav. Awal Shah
and Razia Sanam
Siblings: Naveed (28),
Daud (25), Zainab Bibi
(22), Noman (15) and Faisal

Muhammad Zeeshan Afridi
His parents say he was a gift from God. He had a warm
heart and loved to crack jokes. Because his house was far
from school, Zeeshan lived at the hostel. He loved to play
cricket and was a good fast bowler. For this reason , he
was the captain of the school cricket team.
He wanted to grow up and become a military doctor. He
used to say that he would serve the people affected by the
military operation in FATA.
According to his father he was a good speaker, writer and
reader. He got many medals and certificates in many
fields. English and maths were his favourite subjects.

His family says that they cannot eat, let alone laugh the
way they used to when Zeeshan was in their lives. They
miss him terribly.

Shafique ur Rehman
Age: 18 Class: 2nd
Son of Subedar Noor
Rehman and Hafeeza
Siblings: Sher (25), Sabira
(21), Ijaz (15), Javeria (13)
and Bilal (11)

Shafique ur Rehman
Shafique wanted to be a military doctor. He worked
day and night to attain top grades and was
preparing for NUST’s medical test before he was
killed in the attack.

He was a generous soul. He once asked his father to
pay the school fee of a classmate who could not
afford to pay tuition.

He loved to play cricket. He was a fantastic bowler
and batsman, which earned him a spot at Peshawar’s
Qayum Complex cricket club.

His family feels his loss deeply.

Yasir Iqbal
Age: 18 Class: 2nd
Son of Lance Naik Sher
Nawaz Khattak and Naik
Siblings: Nasir (24), Qaiser
(21), Mudassir (14), Sheraz
(11), Wiqas (8) and Faizan

Yasir Iqbal
Yasir was in the school auditorium the day of the attack.
When the firing started, he dropped down and lay on the
floor and was safe. But when he saw that one of his best
friends was shot and bleeding profusely, he picked him up
and tried taking him out of the school. This is when the
attackers struck.

His father says Yasir was the most polite and soft-spoken
out of his children. He was close to his eldest brother
Nasir, who was more a best friend than a brother.

He wanted to become a software engineer. Naturally, his
favourite subject was computer science.

His family says is difficult to live without him, they say,
and every day is an emotional challenge.

Maher Ali Azam
Age: 19 Class: 2nd
Son of Kausar Ejaz and
Zakia Yasmeen.
Sibling: Hamid Ejaz (13)

Maher Ali Azam
Teachers, classmates and relatives unanimously praise
Maher Ali Azam for his intelligence and obedient
nature. He wanted to become a doctor and serve the
poor people in his village where he also aspired to
open a hospital.

He was president of the Urdu literary club in his school.
He was fond of playing cricket and was a member of
the school cricket team.

Close to his aunt, Robina Kauser, he enlisted her help in
his studies. She says he always told her that he wanted
to earn a good name for his country.

Muhammad Daud
Age: 19 Class: 2nd
Son of Khalid Khan and
Gulnaz Begum
Siblings: Abdul Qudoos
Khan (18), Abdul Qadeer
Khan (15), Umra Bibi (13),
Sara Bibi (8)
and Walliullah (3).

Muhammad Daud
The eldest of six children, Muhammad Daud had
dreams of serving his nation as an army officer.
Known to his youngest sibling as ‘Lala Jee’, Daud was
punctual, disciplined and studious and had been
appointed house captain.
His father says he was a good speaker, writer and
reader and had received many medals and certificates.
His favourite subject was Biology and he always
secured over 90pc marks in the class.

His father says Daud was not just a son, but also a
friend. “I was very frank with him,” he says. He shares
that after one of Daud's classmates mentioned his
father had passed away, Daud would take extra pocket
money every day to help his friend.

Saqib Ghani
Age: 19 Class:
Son of Maj (retd) Sher
Ghani and Iffat Qamar
Siblings: Ambreen Ghani
(30), Adnan Ghani (25),
Sarish Ghani (25)
and Mehwish Ghani (22)

Saqib Ghani
“Our college is under attack. Firing is going on.
Please pray,” is the last message Saqib Ghani sent to
his mother.

Saqib’s cousin Asfandyar says he helped those less
fortunate than him. When he was promoted to Class
10, he came to know one of his classmates was
unable to afford a new uniform. Without informing
his parents, Saqib bought a new uniform and gifted
it to his classmate.

Saqib aspired to be a civil engineer. He was also
inspired by his retired Army Major father, his sister
Mehwish says, and desired to fight militancy as an
army officer.

Zain Iqbal
Age: 19 Class: 2nd
Son of Mr. and Mrs.
Mohammad Iqbal
Siblings: Aqsa Iqbal (24)
and Mohammad Haris
Iqbal (22)

Zain Iqbal
Zain was a responsible and diligent student. He stuck by
his daily schedules for work and studied hard to be the
best student in his class. His father says that he was killed
in the very same hall where he used to make
presentations for his Biology class.

His family describes him as the soul of any party. His
teachers would also say he was the life of the school.

After his death, Zulqarnain’s family learnt of an ageing
man in the neighbourhood who died when he heart of the
young boy’s death. They discovered that Zulqarnain would
frequently offer a lift to the elderly man when he was on
his way to the mosque, and the two would pray together.

Abdul Azam Afridi
Age: 20 Class: 2nd
Son of Mr. and Mrs.
Ghayas Ud Din Afridi
Siblings: Alveena Ghayas
(30), Dr Amir Azam Afridi
(29) and Sikandar Azam
Afridi (28)

Abdul Azam Afridi
Abdul was a fun-loving, naughty student. He once went to
the computer lab and poured water on all the computers.
Later, when an infuriated teacher asked who did it, Abdul
owned up to the mischief and paid a fine for the act.

He was not particularly fond of his studies. His
passion was martial arts and weight-lifting, which he
pursued with a fervour which earned him medals and

His mother says her boy was child-like. Even at the age of
20, he would sleep in her bed like a two-year-old.

He loved animals and was the proud owner of a dog.
Before he passed away, he told his driver he was excited
about adopting his friend’s Persian cat.

Waseem Iqbal
Age: 20
Class: 4th year
Son of Hav. Muhammad
Irshad Asif

Waseem Iqbal
Waseem Iqbal’s family could not be contacted
for this obituary.

Waseem is described by his teachers as a happy
go lucky student. He was an active and
energetic soul who was loved by all his teachers.

He was fond of playing cricket and was a good

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