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Abdullah Ghani Awan

Age: 14 Class: 8
Son of Lubna Tanveer and
Tanveer Ahmed Awan
Siblings: Haroon Ghani
Awan (19), Mohammad
Tayyab Ghani Awan (11)
and Dil Awan (10)

Abdullah Ghani Awan
Abdullah truly loved animals. He kept parrots,
hens, rabbits and fish at home. When the hens laid
eggs, he eagerly waited to see them hatch so he
could play with the chicks. A dozen chicks were
born just recently, but Abdullah was not there to
see them.
His father says he was close to Abdullah, and that
he would seek his son’s opinion each time he
dressed up to go out. He says he would only wear
waistcoats when Abdullah approved the colour.
He recalls a time in the UAE, when he dared
Abdullah to swim in a hotel pool that had strict
rules regarding swimwear. He said Abdullah had a
word with the lifeguard, and jumped right in fully
clothed. He loved to take up a good challenge.

Adil Shahzad
Age: 14 Class: 9
Son of Muhammad
Younas and Azra Bibi
Siblings: Afan Shahzad
(12), Aliza Shahzad (9)
and Ahmed Ali (6)

Adil Shahzad
A clever and responsible child, Adil Shahzad was the
eldest of four children and regarded as a role model by
his siblings and cousins.
Adil wanted to be a professor and aspired to get a PhD
degree. A bright student, he enjoyed English, Urdu and
Islamiat. He was also a good athlete, but had fractured
both legs in 2010, making running difficult.
Adil was fond of the outdoors and picnics and tours with
friends whenever he visited his village. Among Adil’s
favourite foods were the milk and curd of his village, and
the apples, bananas and oranges which grew there.
Adil and his siblings watched Doraemon together, his
favourite cartoon. His family members are proud of him
and miss him every day.

Ailian Fozan
Age: 14 Class: 9
Son of Muhammad Fozan
Shafi and Ayesha Fozan
Siblings: Famia Fozan (16)
and Fiza Fozan (9)

Ailian Fozan
Ailian spent every spare moment of his
time riding his bicycle. I had decided what
bicycle model I was going to buy him after
his exams, his father said.

Active and sociable, Ailian was a good
student too. His parents proudly display
his letters of appreciation and
certificates. He had planned to join the
Pakistan Air Force.

Ammar Iqbal
Age: 14 Class: 8

Son of Mr. and Mrs.
Nauman Iqbal

Ammar Iqbal
Ammar Iqbal's family could not be
contacted for this obituary.
His teachers describe Ammar as an
intelligent and obedient student.
Miss Jameela says he had a jovial
disposition and teased both students and
members of staff.
He was a hard worker and outstanding in
his studies. He wanted to become a

Arham Khan
Age: 14 Class: 8
Son of Sanaullah Khan
Khattak and Noreen Sana
Siblings: Shaheer Khan
(24), Zawat Khan (23)
and Yashfeen Khan (19)

Arham Khan
The youngest of four siblings, Arham was a brilliant
student who had earned a double promotion from
grade 6 to grade 8.
He took a keen interest in computers and was just
learning to chat through Skype and Facebook.
His favourite food was Peshawar’s popular Chappali
Kababs, which he would often ask his father to get for
him on his way home from work.
Even at his young age, Arham would play the role of
mediator if his siblings quarreled, and was the one who
would help them patch up after an argument.
His family, especially his father, misses their young boy
very much. Mr Khattak often goes to his son’s room to
clean it just as Arham liked it.

Atif ur Rehman
Age: 14 Class: 9
Son of Wazir Rehman and
Bibi Zahra
Siblings: 8

Atif ur Rehman
Atif ur Rehman, the youngest of eight siblings,
aspired to be a doctor and serve the residents of his
village. His elder brother facilitated Atif’s move from
their village to Peshawar for his studies.
A technology enthusiast, he enjoyed watching
informative documentaries about gadgets and
playing computer games. The responsible and softspoken teenager also liked playing cricket and
football and was an avid Justin Bieber fan.
His elder brother says he feels Atif’s absence every
day. He says after the family lost Atif, they were
going through his schoolbooks and found he had
written: “I love you, Dad. If anything happens, I
would not let you down before anyone.”

Awais Ahmed
Age: 14 Class: 8
Son of Sub Ikramullah and
Hameeda Ahmed
Siblings: Ishfaq Ahmed
(26), Nazia Ahmed (25),
Shahab Ahmed (23),
Waqas Ahmed (18),
Zeeshan Ahmed (17)
and Nimra Ahmed (8)

Awais Ahmed
A respectful and empathetic child, Awais wanted to
study medicine and become a doctor. He often
lamented the condition of hospitals, particularly those
in villages, and hoped to do his bit in improving and
reforming systems.

Awais was the youngest among the sons, and his
father, who has lost two sons to the massacre,
remembers him as his most intelligent child. He was
very good in maths and helped his siblings in
Young Awais was also fond of keeping pets. At one
point, he had two pigeons that he looked after and
when one of them died, Awais couldn’t eat anything
out of grief.

Awais Nasir
Age: 14 Class: 8
Son of Jamal Abdul Nasir
and Rozeena Nasir
Siblings: Hira Nasir (20),
Sana Nasir (17), Haris (12)
and Abdul Nasir (11)

Awais Nasir
Awais was of a happy disposition. Although almost always
in a jocular mood, he remained respectful of elders. He
was also a responsible brother of four siblings, and would
never hit back when squabbles with his brothers would
get a little out of hand.
Shaken by the death of his son, Jamal Abdul Nasir talks
about how Awais loved dressing well. It was only three
days before his son’s passing that Jamal had brought him
three new suits from his trip to China. Those suits could
never be worn by his son.
Awais was very close to his mother. His epitaph says “da
moor bachay” (Pashto for son of the mother). He went to
see the plot of land the family had bought t construct a
home on, the day before his passing. He had asked his
mother when the construction would begin, to which she
said "after Ramazan". At the time Awais said he may not
be alive to see it.

Baqir Ali
Age: 14 Class: 8
Son of Rashid Ali Bangash
and Shehla Rashid
Siblings: Alia Rashid (22),
Humaira Rashid (22),
Babar Ali Khan (19)
and Uzma Rashid (17)

Baqir Ali
Be it a Spelling Bee or excellence in Arts, Baqir was
an extraordinary student. He was so fond of reading,
that he would finish his work and read books from
his elder sister’s school curriculum. He had a superb
memory and wanted to put it to good use
by becoming a doctor.
Unlike other children his age, Baqir was a serious
child. His father says he did not crack jokes and had
a mature personality. His siblings describe him as a
child who was always curious about knowing more.
He was dear to his parents and siblings as he was
the youngest in the family. “We are missing your
voice, your chuckle, your presence and all the fun we
used to have,” his sisters say.

Fahad Hussain
Age: 14 Class: 8
Son of Akhtar and
Sameena Hussain
Siblings: Ahmed Hussain
(17), Uzair Hussain (16)
and Asim Hussain (9)

Fahad Hussain
Fahad was killed the day of his birthday. The night
before the attack, he had invited his friends and
cousins to celebrate his birthday at home.
His friend Rehman describes his friend's bravery on
the day of the attack. When militants entered the
classroom and opened fire, Fahad opened the door
and asked all his friends to run out. He stood at the
door and made sure his classmates evacuated the
room. It was then that he was hit on the head and

He called out to the others to tell his brother Ahmed,
also a student at the school, to come help him. But it
was too late.

Fazal Raheem
Age: 14 years Class: 8
Son of Muhammad Usman
and Mrs. Usman
Siblings: Mohammad
Faisal (22), Mohammad
Faheem (21), Momna
(19) and Nemra (12).

Fazal Raheem
Fazal took admission in APS for the sole purpose of
joining the Pakistan Army as an officer.
He enjoyed cricket and often played against his
brothers on the roof of his house as their father forbid
them from playing in the streets. He also liked horseriding and often went to parks for the very
purpose. Fazal was also a skilled guitar player.
He was closest to his mother. All the children in the
family were given a weekly allowance of Rs50 but
Fazal, according to his father, finished his pocket money
in a single day and would come asking for more. When
his father refused him once, he rushed to his mother
and said in jest, “Why couldn’t you marry someone

Muhammad Furqan Haider
Age: 14 years
Class: 8
Son of Farhad Ali Bangash
and Raheela Khatoon
Siblings: Nargis Batool
(13) Fatma Batool (10)
and Mohammad
Zulqarnain Haider (8)

Muhammad Furqan Haider
Furqan resided with his family in UAE but a year before his
death, he took admission at APS to fulfill his ambition of
joining the Pakistan Army. During that time he lived with
his uncle in Peshawar, whose eyes fill with tears as he
remembers his nephew. Even if somebody spoke to him
harshly, he would never lose his patience or smile, his
uncle says. “He was a good boy.”

Furqan was fond of babies and often took care of his
younger siblings and cousins. He also loved baby chicks
and would often bring them home.

He enjoyed watching and playing cricket. If there was a
power breakdown, he would run to his neighbour’s, who
had a generator, to continue watching the match.

Hamayun Iqbal
Age: 14 Class: 8
Son of Mr. and Mrs.
Mohammad Iqbal
Sibling: Sadia Iqbal (19),
Palwasha Iqbal (17),
Nafeesa Iqbal (15),Usman
Iqbal (13), Shabir Iqbal (11)
and Ali Iqbal (4)

Hamayun Iqbal
Hamayun was a naughty but loved student. At
least once a week, his father would be called to
the school due to his trouble-making boy.
He says the minute he would reach the gate, the
gate keeper, watchman, gardener, teacher and
head teacher would start off, full of complaints
about him. But because he was a good student,
no one ever became angry with him. He was
known in school as “Italian boy”.
He was close to his father and has a special bond
with his grandfather Haji Saddar Azam. Humayun’s
father says his grandfather had not been able to
the bear the loss of his beloved grandson and
grows weaker each day.

Hamid Saif
Age: 14 Class: 8
Son of Nasreen Saif and
Saifullah Khan
Siblings: Naeem Saif (26),
Khalid Saif (24), Sajid Saif
(21) and Aamir Saif (18)

Hamid Saif
The son of a soldier, Hamid was a star student. He
was given awards and prizes for best English
vocabulary and essay writing as well as best
picture memory and earth day poster. He also won
a Best Young Journalist certificate.
On the day of the attack, he had prepare a
presentation and asked his uncle to pray it is the
best in the class.
His teachers said he had leadership qualities as he
was parade commander at school and was also
selected to be proctor.
He used to joke with his father and lovingly call
him by his first name, a gesture his father says he
will never forget.

Hamza Kamran
Age: 14 Class: 8
Son of Muhammad
Kamran Shafi and Najma
Siblings: Momina Kamran
(18) and Hira Kamran (16)

Hamza Kamran
Hamza was a studious child. He had held several
positions in his class and had also won many
awards for sports and other activities.
The only brother of two sisters and close to his
mother, Hamza would eat whatever meals were
cooked at home but did particularly enjoy burgers
and karhai gosht.
His parents recall how the one month the family
spent together during Hajj last year created fond
memories for them now that Hamza is no more.
During Hajj, Hamza looked after two old ladies,
helped them with their wheelchairs and made sure
they were comfortable.

Haris Nawaz
Age: 14 Class: 8
Son of Mr. and Mrs.
Muhammad Nawaz
Sibling: Ahmad Nawaz (15)

Haris Nawaz
Haris and his brother Ahmad were both targeted the
day of the attack. While Ahmad was grievously
injured and later treated at a UK hospital, Haris lost
his life.

He was an intelligent child and bagged top positions
from nursery till class eight. His room is full of
certificates and medals.

His parents describe their boy as an obedient and
respectful child. He wanted to grow up and be a
doctor. He dreamt of opening a hospital that treated
the poor free of charge.

Hasnain Sharif
Age: 14 Class: 8

Son of Mr. and Mrs. Sharif

Hasnain Sharif
Hasnain was an only child. When asked to talk
about his son, his father says he is unable to
express his sorrow. He had big dreams for his
son. He hoped that Hasnain would complete his
studies and work hard to make a mark in

Hasnain loved to visit his village, where he
played for hours with the baby farm animals. He
was quite particular about his clothes and would
often ask his father to buy him new outfits.

His mother was unable to speak. She misses her
son very much.

Khushnood Zeb
Age: 14 Class: 8
Son of Rana Aurangzeb
and Ruqia Bibi
Siblings: Rana Sana Zeb
(20), Hafiz Rana
Muhammad Aftab Zeb (16)
and Rana Muhammad
Mehtab Zeb (16)

Khushnood Zeb
According to his father, Rana was a brilliant
student and had excellent oratory, reading and
writing skills.

Rana had wanted to become an army engineer
and serve the nation. He idolized cricketer Shahid
Afridi and would try to emulate his style. Among
politicians, he liked Imran Khan and would often
do a parody of him.

The family finds it hard to accept that their son is
dead. They say it is still hard to eat or laugh

Muhammad Abdullah Zafar
Age: 14 Class: 9
Son of Mr. and Mrs.
Muhammad Arshad Zafar
Siblings: Muhammad
Obaid (12) and Ali Musa (4)

Muhammad Abdullah Zafar
Although a child, Abdullah could not really enjoy the life of
one as his father had died two years ago. He could not
play pranks or be naughty like most other children his
age, his mother says as she describes how devotedly he
looked after the family. When everyone slept at night,
Abdullah would wake up and make sure all the doors of
the house were locked.

He was close to his mother and his love reflects in the
many drawings he made to thank her.
Aspiring to join the army, Abdullah was also a position
holder and would always remain among the top five
students in his class. Not only was he bright, he was also
creative in his thinking and had made a mathematical
formula for his studies.

Muhammad Ghasaan Khan
Age: 14 Class: 8
Son of Amin Khan and Bibi
Siblings: Saima Amin (18),
Palwasha Amin (18),
Sawera Amin (16)
and Mohammad Sharim
Khan (12)

Muhammad Ghasaan Khan
Known as the young scientist of the school, Ghasaan
was a bright student and a position holder in his class.

He was creative and his father, who is a PHD scholar,
says that Ghasaan’s writing was impeccable and barely
needed any correction. He was fond of writing poetry
in both English and Urdu languages.

Ghasaan’s teachers also recognised how bright he was
and called him the teachers’ motivator.

Ghasaan’s father tells that on the day of exam result,
the school guards and gatekeepers would wait for him
as he would always distribute a special meal.

Muhammad Haris Khan
Age: 14 Class: 8
Son of Ghulam Din and
Shahida Nasreen
Siblings: Faisal (15),
Usman (10), Faizan (Late,

Muhammad Haris Khan
Haris’ death crushed his family. For his parents, it was
the second time they had lost a child, as their son
Faizan had passed away at age three.
His mother describes Haris as an obedient child who
did everything for her the moment she asked. She says
he was a responsible boy, who took care of her after
the death of her first son. She adds that they were more
best friends than mother and child.
She says that while she kisses her children goodbye
before they leave for school, that fateful day she did
not kiss Haris as he was running late – something she
deeply regrets.
His family struggles to cope with the loss of a second
precious member.

Muhammad Salman
Age: 14 Class: 8
Son of Muhammad Ikram
and Hameeda Bibi
Siblings: Abdur Rehman
(7), Ayesha (9 )
and Madeeha (2)

Muhammad Salman
The eldest among his siblings, Muhammad
Salman aspired to become a doctor and his father was
prepared to send him abroad to study medicine in case
he failed to secure a position within Pakistan.

He enjoyed playing cricket and was good at the game.
However, riding bikes was his favourite past-time. His
father remembers how Salman would look for any
opportunity to go out on the bike.

A jovial child, Salman cracked jokes all the time and
would do parodies of famous actors and celebrities.
He was very close to his grandfather and since
Salman’s death, his grandfather’s health has been

Muhammad Tayyab Fawad
Age: 14 Class: 8
Son of Mr. and Mrs.
Muhammad Fawad
Siblings: Dursham Fawad
(12) and Manahel Fawad

Muhammad Tayyab Fawad
A position holder in his class, Tayyab was not only
bright when it came to studies but was also a very
good volley ball player. He had won several awards.

His father tells how Tayyab was short-tempered and
would do things in a hurry but at the same time made
sure he didn’t get angry in front of his father.

Tayyab lost his mother in 2009 and at a very young age
after which his grandmother looked after him. He
learned many things by himself, such as riding a bike
and using the computer. His family misses him.

Nangyal Tariq
Age: 14 Class: 8
Son of Tariq Jan
and Shagufta Tariq
Siblings: Mehwish Tariq
age (18), Sohail Tariq (13)
and Sawail Tariq (7)

Nangyal Tariq
For the most part, Nangyal Tariq was a somber boy
but he would on occasion crack jokes to make his
family members laugh. He showed a keen interest in
studies and wanted to become an Army Captain.

He liked experimenting with his hair, and would
often come up new hairstyles, his mother says.

Nangyal was affectionately called Sher Khan –
he loved being addressed by his pet name. His
family says that if he was ever unresponsive, the trick
was to call him ‘Sher Khan’ to get his attention.

Muhammad Shaheer Khan
Age: 14 Class: 8
Son of Shagufta and
Muhammad Tahir Khan
Siblings: Mumna Khan
(20), Mohammad Munib
Khan (16) and Tooba (12)

Muhammad Shaheer Khan
Shaheer’s mother finds it hard to come to terms with
the senseless killing of her son. She still keeps the tie
he wore to school that morning, which now has
visible tears from the bullets.

Shaheer was a naughty student. He loved computer
games and had been begging his parents to buy him
a PlayStation 4, which cost Rs48,000. When his
parents told him he could only buy it if he did well on
his exams, mischievous Shaheer prepared a hand
written report card in order to claim his gift.

The family say they are trying to be brave but they
miss their boy terribly.

Sahibzada Omer Khan
Age: 14 Class: 8
Son of Fazal Mohammad
Khan and Zaib-un-Nisa
Siblings: Sahibzada
Afrasiab Khan (11),
Sahibzadi Mishal Khan (6),
Sahibzadi Aleena (4)
and Sahibazada Jasem (9

Sahibzada Omer Khan
The eldest of five siblings, Omer played the role of
the responsible older brother. His parents say he
was an extraordinary son. He knew what they
needed even before the said a word.

If his mother was busy with household chores, he
would cook for his father and siblings. He was
called the ‘leader of the house’. On the weekend,
he would wake up early morning and wash his
father’s cars without being asked.

Omer’s mother wakes up every night, searching
for her son. The family prays for strength and say
he is in a better place.

Saif Ullah Durrani
Age: 14 Class: 8
Son of Tehseen Ullah
Durrani and Falak Naz
Siblings: Sana (19), Hafsa
(17) and Ammara (11)

Saif Ullah Durrani
Saif Ullah Durrani was known as ‘Potato’ to his classmates
because of his love for the spud. He was very fond of
He and his brother often competed with each other to
offer regular prayers at the mosque. Keeping the mosque
clean and rendering other services to it was important to
His sister says he was naughty, which other children liked.
Every time she asked him to bring something for her, he
would ask for a commission, refusing to do so otherwise.
His father says his son would not eat lunch or dinner
unless the gardeners, gatekeepers and drivers had
theirs. He would personally go to them and ask them if
they had eaten, and if any one hadn’t, he would request
his mother to prepare a meal for them.

Shahood Alam
Age: 14 Class: 8
Son of Mr. and Mrs.
Sibling: Aresha Alam (13)

Shahood Alam
Shahood was an extraordinary student. With nearly
50 certificates and awards to his credit, it is no
surprise that the young boy was a prominent figure
at school as the proctor and ‘peacekeeper’.

His teachers remember him as the ‘shining star’ of
the school. He hoped to take his CSS exams and
work in Pakistan’s civil services.

Shahood was very responsible, and had opened a
bank account and got a passport made for himself.
His parents, who keep his cheque books and
passport with them, say he had saved thousands of
rupees in his bank account.

Sher Nawaz
Age: 14 Class: 8
Son of Zuman Bibi and
Masha Din
Siblings: Shah Mohammad
(16) and Saad Mohammad

Sher Nawaz
Sher Nawaz was a considerate and kind boy. He
believed in living a modest existence and never
asked his parents for more money than was

According to his father, whenever Sher Nawaz went
to visit his relatives, they would be full of praise for
his good manners.

Sher Nawaz was also very helpful around the house.
When he came home from school, he would help his
mother in the kitchen, wash the dishes and clothes
and knead the dough for cooking roti.

Syed Mujahid Hussain Shah
Age: 14 Class: 8
Son of Zaib Hussain Shah
and Sadia Bibi (late)
Siblings: Shahid Hussain
Shah (15), Majid Hussain
Shah (11), Maryum (9),
Maria (7) and Fawad (1)

Syed Mujahid Hussain Shah
When his mother died, Zahid took it upon himself to
take care of his siblings. He never wanted them to
feel her absence, so he showered them with love. His
youngest sister Maria was his favourite.

His father says Zahid was an ordinary student; he
worked tremendously hard. His best subject was
English. He was fond of skating. His father bought
him a pair of skates much to his delight, so he would
often be seen skating outside the house.

His family says losing him has made them very bitter,
but they pray for endurance and for better days.

Ali Abbas
Age: 14 Class: 9
Son of Mr. and Mrs.
Muhammad Akram Shah
Siblings: Sundas Shah (13)
and Ali Anis (9)

Ali Abbas
A native of the Nowshera district, Ali is described by his
parents as a polite and considerate child who did not
make demands of them as other children sometimes
do. Whether it was clothes or other gifts, he was
content with whatever he was given.
If there was one thing he was particular about, it was
his appearance – especially his hair and skin. He had a
special oil and cream for his hair and skin.
He was very close to his mother and grandmother, with
whom he shared a special bond. Sometimes in the
winter, he would tease his grandmother by switching
the fan on and removing her blanket. She would
lovingly make sweet parathas for her grandson.
His absence in their lives is felt every day. His sister and
mother weep for Ali and say they will never forget him.

Sohail Aslam
Age: 14 Class: 9
Son of Hav. Muhammad
Aslam and Sakeem Aslam
Siblings: Muhammad
Zohaib Aslam (9)
and Muhammad Zeeshan
Aslam (5)

Sohail Aslam
Eldest among the siblings, Sohail was a responsible
and caring child. Being the eldest, he was closer to
his parents and would help them out in looking after
the younger siblings and helping his mother in the
kitchen. Sohail was very close to his brother Zohaib.

Sohail was a bright student and wanted to study in
LUMS after high school. He began attending APS in
November 2014, soon after his father’s transfer to

Sohail’s father remembers how his son made tea for
the parents on the morning of Dec 16. He remembers
Sohail to be really happy at the time.

Syed Husnain Shah
Age: 14 Class: 8
Son of Syed Fazal Hussain
and Saima Fazal Hussain
Siblings: Syed Talib
Hasnain (11 months)

Syed Husnain Shah
Husnain had big dreams. He had a passion for
science and engineering and wanted to invent
something that would change the world.

According to his mother, Husnain was the
‘perfect son’ who would always help her
around the house.

“He always joked around with me and always
made me laugh,” Husnain’s mother says.

Tanveer Hussain
Age: 14 Class: 8
Son of Naib Subidar
(retd) Atta Mohammad
and Jatti Bibi
Siblings: Mehwish Nasim
(17), Khawar Shahzad (16)
and Mohammad Faraz (12)

Tanveer Hussain
Aspiring to become a doctor and serve the people of
his native village, Tanveer was a bright and responsible
child. Although young, he was heavily relied upon by
his siblings, both older and younger, for help with their

Tanveer was a good debater and would often partake
in debating competitions. His father recalls how
Tanveer had won many medals and how he himself
wrote and worked on concepts for his debates.

His father remembers how Tanveer would also help his
mother out in house chores and was a source of
support to all members of the family.

Uzair Ahmad
Age: 14 Class: 9
Son of Zahoor Ahmed and
Siblings: Tahira (13)
and Fatma (2)

Uzair Ahmad
Uzair was a big wrestling fan. He loved watching
matches and also collected figures and photos
of famous wrestlers in an album.
He was an obedient son and was respectful of
his elders. He was very close to his mother. His
father recalls how, every day when he would
return from work, Uzair would wait at the gate
and jump onto his shoulders to greet him. They
would often sit in the garden and talk about
their day.
Uzair's family says their lives seem to have come
to a standstill without him.

Mohammad Uzair Ali
Age: 14 Class: 8
Son of Gulab Perveen and
Ahmad Ali
Siblings: Malaika Ali (11)
and Mohammad Jalal
Ibrahim (7.5)

Mohammad Uzair Ali
Mohammad Uzair Ali was a brave boy. His friends
say on the day of the attack he fell atop them,
shielding them from harm. This is why, according to
the medical officer, Uzair was hit with 13 bullets.
That day, he had been told off by his history teacher.
In a light-hearted way, Uzair said to her, “Miss, today
you did not wear make-up, that’s why you are angry.
Please, wear make-up! When you do, you are in a
good mood.”
He was very dear to his grandfather, Haji Ali Khan
and both were like best friends. His mother says her
son was a generous boy, and once gave Rs120 to a
poor woman who was begging on the street for
blood pressure medication.

Umair Arshad
Age: 14 Class: 8
Son of Arshad Ali and
Salma Arshad
Siblings: Ayesha Arshad
(17), Sumayya Arshad (14),
Muhammad Uzair Arshad
(9) and Mohammad Zubair
Arshad (5)

Umair Arshad
Son of a soldier and aspiring to become an
airforce pilot, Umair used to collect pictures and
information on fighter jets used by Pakistan and
other countries. For his age, he had a good
understanding of what it takes to be a soldier in a
country marred by terror.

Umair was also very fond of race cars and heavy
bikes and loved collecting pictures of these
vehicles. His father remembers how he had bought
a bike for Umair and wanted to surprise him but it
was not to be. It was the day of the APS attack.
Umair’s bike stands by the porch of his house, still

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