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This case flyer based on The Economic Times article “Brand Vistara: Five Questions after 100
Days” (April 28th 2015), by Anirban Chowdhury, is meant to evaluate Vistara Airline’s brand
positioning. Being a third full-service carrier, Vistara launched its inaugural flight from Delhi to
Mumbai on January 9th 2015. While the launch of Vistara airlines marks the re-entry of Tata
Group in the airline business after over six decades, its first 100-days have been turbulent. The
Tata-Singapore Airlines’ full service did not have a spectacular start as expected. Vistara in Sanskrit
means ‘limitless exposure’. The airline draws inspiration from the brand’s domain – the limitless
sky. Being the first ever-Indian airline to have the 3-cabin format on the same flight, Vistara’s
brand positioning is questioned. Though Vistara has carved a niche in the aviation space with its
premium economy segment, lukewarm occupancy in its business class segment is a worrying
factor for Vistara. As Vistara has a long way to go to either tap the potential or realize its goal,
should its brand positioning be revisited?

Pedagogical Objectives

To understand the industry structure and business dynamics of Indian aviation industry

To have an overview of identifying and establishing brand positioning including establishing
Points of Parity and Points of Differentiation with the help of Vistara’s brand positioning

To examine brand positioning guidelines and assess Vistara’s brand positioning in the light
of these guidelines

Case Positioning and Setting
This case flyer can be used for the following:

In MBA Program: This case flyer can be used for Brand Management course to understand
the role of identifying and establishing brand positioning in enhancing brands equity

In MDPs/EDPs: This case flyer can also be used in Management and Executive Development
Programs to demonstrate how brands build brand equity based on its brand positioning