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Simple Present: To Be and

Other Verbs, Affirmative and Negative


Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verb to be in the simple present. Do not use contracted
a. You

a really funny person.

b. My father

a big joker.

c. I

quite serious most of the time.

d. My brothers and sisters

funny, like our dad.

e. At suppertime, it

always a riot at our house.

Use contractions of the verb to be and include a subject pronoun in each sentence.
a. My brother Jake and I are farmers, so


both very busy during the fall.

b. We help each other out, so

always happy to help Jake pick his apples.

c. People who know Jake say that

d. As for my parents,


a very good worker.

out in the fi elds most of the day.

fun at harvest time but a lot of work too.

Change the sentences to the negative form. Use contractions.


a. My parents are involved in community activities.

b. They are really interested in playing cards.
c. You are a good soccer player, I see.
d. He is very active in the sport.
e. I am a beginner at this game.


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