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Simple Present: To Be and Other

Verbs, Affirmative and Negative


Grammar Quiz #4
Use verbs from the Word Box to complete the paragraph. To be, to like, to love and to go are used more than once.
Notice when you must use the negative form, and use contractions where possible.

Word Box
to think
to stop
to cook

Every year we


to love
to live
to prefer

the Atlantic Ocean. I


grandfather. Granny
dinner. It

to try
to like
to be

to enjoy
to do

to visit my grandparents in Nova Scotia. They


Actually, it

to stay
to go
to watch


near the sea.

to go fishing with my


the fish for


so delicious. My sister


fishing. She

(7) (neg.)



to go to the market to buy fresh fruit and vegetables.

Granddad is 63. Granny
old she is. I

she is about 60.


My grandparents

always busy. They


for a minute. Granny

(12) (neg.)

exercise every day. She also


to say how

(9) (neg.)





to meet

to bed very early, but Granny

TV until midnight.


of weeks. I

for a 20-minute power walk first thing in the morning.

a lot of repair work on the house. He

his friends for a beer in the afternoon. He


to do about 30 minutes of aerobic


with them for the whole summer, just for a couple

(19) (neg.)

my vacations in Nova Scotia.

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