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Questions in the Simple

Present: To Be



Read the answers and write a yes / no question for each one.
a. Yes, the principals name is Ms. Gilford.
b. Yes, I am a good student.
c. Yes, the teachers are very serious this year.
d. Yes, high school is very different from elementary school.
e. No, the classes are not difficult.


Complete the questions with the question words in the Word Box
a. The school is on Park Avenue.

is the school?

b. The school building is forty years old.

is the school building?

c. Ms. Gilford is the principal.

is the principal?

d. The classes are difficult.

are the classes?

e. I am happy because the school is close to my home.

are you happy?

Unscramble the words to make questions.


a. English / is / teacher / your / who / ?

b. classroom / is / the / where / English / ?
c. they / why / here / are / ?
d. these / books / are / what / about / ?
e. for / late / class / is / who / ?


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