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Simple Past With To Be: Yes / No

04 and Information Questions





Grammar Quiz #11

Read the answers (A). Look at the underlined words in the answers. Then write a question (Q) that fits
the answer.


a. Q:
A: The ice cream was really good.
b. Q:
A: Annie was at the movies.
c. Q:
A: Sam and Fred were at the Pizza Palace yesterday.
d. Q:
A: Eve was sick because she ate too much birthday cake.
e. Q:
A: They were really nervous before the game.
f. Q:
A: There were five muffins in the bag.
g. Q:
A: It was 5:00 p.m.
h. Q:
A: His brother was in the pool.
i. Q:
A: They were in Italy last October.
j. Q:
A: Maria was outside because she wanted to play basketball.

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