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The Simple Past

Negative forms


Fill in the blanks with the correct form of a verb from the Word Box. One verb is used more
than once.
a. I always

the night before a test and I cant sleep.

b. The teachers

us to read the questions carefully.

c. Our English teacher

to joke with us just before a test.

d. He

that worrying wont help.

e. That

easy for him to say.

f. I

really stressed out.

g. My sister

school is easy.

h. She never

for tests.

i. My brother and I

the exact opposite.

j. But we

to do our best anyway.

Change the sentences to the negative. Use contracted forms.



a. I arrive late for school.

b. Paul likes to play football.
c. They live far from the school.
d. My teachers expect perfection.
e. Most nights, she reads before she goes to bed.

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