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When you need To put your mind at ease Aad neatly put things Into perspective Fat anxiety under house arrest Soothe your nerves Calm is contagion And happiness unfurls Slow the hands of time Stretch a second to infinily Sourney /o the centre of you Rediscover a world of) ‘posstbilities Take a moment to relish the world’s finest cuppa in an aWe-IDSpmIrin. 1g ambience. Asp ofserendipity The Concept Ceylon tea has helped Sri Lanka rise to international fame. Tea is rooted in our culture and has a rich heritage spanning almost 150 years. Many memorable moments have blossomed over a pot of tea. Ceylon Tea Moments gives you the opportunity to savour every little moment of your life over a cup of Ceylon Tea. UVA TEA EXOTICALLY AROMATIC Grown on the eastern slope of the central highlands about 4000 feet above sea level, Uva tea has a distinctive flavour and pungency and is widely used in many blends. KANDY TEA INTENSELY FULL BODIED STARMAN MeO alta mc Aa OTC) Me LE) OEIC l (Rear OURO OU OR LiMn Mean cell [asks full-bodied tea. Ideally for those who like strong tea with flavour. RUHUNA TEA DISTINCTIVELY UNIQUE PAS CrR Ure] SMe M COLT (el (elm OC 2000 feet. It is synonymous for its blackish leaf appearance and strong colour. SABARAGAMUWA TEA SMOOTH & FULL BODIED The liquor is typically ranged between a deep pungent to a red colour with a reasonable brightness. Its leaf appearance is similar to Ruhuna tea. Rs. 300 eee RU ae ek UO eel meh MRO oA eR AL ele (cd WHITE TEA SILVER TIP TEA The tender buds of the tea plant are hand-picked at dawn and carefully carried in a silk pouch that is entirely handmade. The beauty of the infused buds adds to the pleasure of this unique brew. Rs. 560 FLAVOURED BLACK TEAS STRAWBERRY BLACK TEA Strawberry tea is a fine blend of tea delicately scented with a natural identical strawberry flavour stirring up to make a distinctively soothing and refreshing cuppa LEMON BLACK TEA Black tea is grown in the highlands of Ceylon and is a classic blend with a refreshing natural lemon flavour and an exquisite bouquet. It is believed to boost the immune system and. considered to have many health benefits. It is especially tasty complemented with honey. is Ppa ees em am ORs Yl (es) UM Meh xm LOR Adee s]he lod STRAWBERRY AND KIWI BLACK TEA A bright Ceylon black tea with an exotic combination of natural fruits together with the sweet and luscious flavour of strawberries and a hint of kiwi essence CHAI (MASALA TEA) Carefully selected whole leaf authentic black tea with natural exotic spices PEACH FLAVOURED BLACK TEA A fresh tea, specially selected from our high grown plantations, which is exclusively flavoured with a fine peach fruit to bring you the most refreshing delightful aroma and taste MIXED FRUIT TEA Mixed with mango, passion, pineapple, and lemon flavours along with a unique blend of the finest teas from the highlands of Sri Lanka BLACK CHERRY TEA A unique blend of the finest teas from the central LaTTeUA NOR MOLSON EIN) COULD cle MLO TEN maT LCOlULg GREEN GINGER TEA A blend of Ceylon green tea with ginger and lemongrass. (100% natural) THE ORIGINAL EARL GREY The tea that became known as Earl Grey tea combines tea with the flavour of Bergamot (a fragrant fruit). It offers a rich and strong brew, enhanced with the citrusy oil of bergamot. It is a tea with body, steady personality and unique flavour MAGIC FRUITS Mie ol aoe M velo eC Ree unl Tuer) Vimar] Cece y cole em AULA ORM e MULL ccm e a deliciously refreshing tea that is divine hot or iced Oe Se Re MCs a are tear eMac) Cana eUt Mee Ummuce item eathie Merah ta) Pe eee see OR oes A el amt Ch ae A AMAL fe (od Rs. 300 Rs. 300 Rs. 300 Rs. 300 GREEN TEA WITH MINT Ceylon green tea with a natural mint leaf MOROCCAN MINT GREEN TEA Oc AMCclcaB ee M UIUC MATCLUCCIM YO Ce el MTL HOT TEA MOCKTAILS HOT TODDY IS) Tcr OUT NARHA MTU Come C=] MMT TODS eL eo ground cloves and grated nutmeg SUN et une Strong black tea combined with a sweet condensed milk GINGER TTK CINNAMON TTK aS RUE RR URES are i alee ge WS Oc CCT (ee SPL Cn Pee RO eek VOU Ae ote CL OMI eee IIe (oe COOL TEA OR ICED TEA AS IT IS POPULARLY KNOWN BY TEA AFICIONADOS, IS A FAR MORE REFRESHING AND RELAXING ALTERNATIVE TO FRUIT JUICES. ICED TEAS DIMBULLA ICED TEA PEPPERMINT ICED TEA GINGER ICED TEA STRAWBERRY ICED TEA LONG ISLAND ICED TEA Dimbulla tea, black currant tea, Earl Grey tea, ginger, lime juice, sugar syrup WONDER OF ASIA ICED TEA Earl Grey tea, Dimbulla tea, lime, bees’ honey, treacle, Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce Peewee iy ane ORs (es Ul Mel Meh eee ond ees] cd TEA MIXOLOGY & TEA INSPIRED BEVERAGES TEA FRAPPACINO STRAWBERRY FRAPPACINO (tea, fresh strawberries with whipped cream) CHOCOLATE FRAPPACINO (tea, chocolate ice cream and chocolate sauce with whipped cream) MANGO FRAPPACINO (tea, fresh mango with whipped cream) MINT AND ORANGE FRAPPACINO (mint tea, vanilla ice cream and orange cordial with whipped cream) BLACK CURRANT AND MINT FRAPPACINO ito) efexqrelaeelin a r= PmA CSS m Teoma CaN es) ETAT METaUI LCM IGM PUK-x-L1 ROMERO UAT/ 8) 10 efro1t A) BLUEBERRY FRAPPACINO {Cer miteS iM 6)|U C=) e1 gem UVTt AM NVAl| 8110 ener L0)) TEA SHAKES PURE PEPPERMINT REFRESHER (Peppermint tea with vanilla ice cream) CINNAMON TEA SHAKE ACGiaTa ET Tolar MTR MLM emer) EARL GREY TEA SHAKE i) M LUN Ela Moen etetlut)} STRAWBERRY TEA SHAKE (Strawberry tea with vanilla ice cream) Oa SUE RUT RATS a lel lel lal eel We LC (Siete ACLUCLC Gm Cnt Cm eek a inact] Pe ke ee am Oks) Ue Ae cn eC eMC eee La) Rs. 350 Rs, 350 Rs. 350 Rs. 350 BIG WESTERN BREAKFAST* mee NU La Tg = Select one item of your choice; Three-egg Omelette, Chicken Chipolatas, Grilled Tomato, Crispy Chicken Rashes, BELGAUM Slee INEM (trent YW ONAVACillencm [OKIE a Tiere UieileccM mT em La Nuwara Eliya Tea Maple Syrup Sere UNM mei ee CMTC TLIC uae ae ir) BCS) eC a le = Selection of Teas ALL INCLUSIVE PLATTER* PUD elecees aU) em eke] mene Chee LOR oA (eM el KG od APPETISERS Sri Lankan curry spiced creamy chicken vol-au-vent Rs. 400 Ceylon black tea cured salmon and lagoon prawns with crispy green salad served with strawberry coulis Rs. 700 Negombo lagoon prawn cocktail with tropical fruit salsa Rs. 650 Ceylon orange tea marinated seafood citrus salad Rs. 850 Garden salad with strawberries, walnuts and feta cheese - balsamic dressing Rs. 500 SOUPS Chicken Mulligatawny Rs. 400 Vegetarian soup of the day Rs. 350 Mix sea food broth Rs. 600 MAIN COURSES TRADITIONAL SRI LANKAN CUISINE* e Negombo prawn curry Rs. 950 CUI me aay Rs. 950 Cena cimelliay itm Ja) 0} CACHE mec men Rata Rs. 750 * All the curries are served with traditional accompaniments Lamprais Rs. 550 Homemade spinach and cheese ravioli with ECE RTM SINC ELEM TCU M ETE s) Rs. 900 (ee MMMM ern er Meu Ce CSM NUMMUAN OU CcUCer MSU see 1e served with green salad and mushroom sauce Rs. 1,200 Pan-seared sea bream fish with chilli lime dressing &salad Rs. 1,200 Wok fried lamb with selected vegetables served with steamed rice Rs. 1,100 aOR MOLT eSA NU Lm TA eT mesy- LO e12) Rs. 750 Chicken & mushroom pie Rs. 450 Grilled beef burger with french fries Rs. 750 Grilled chicken with BBO sauce & french fries Rs. 750 All prices are subject to applicable government taxes and service charge DESSERTS* Ice cream sandwich with mixed berry compote and green tea jelly Rs. 550 Triple layered chocolate mousse with passion fruit coulis Rs. 400 Fresh fruit platter with Curd Rs. 350 Traditional Watalappan with roasted cashew Rs. 350 Selection of tea ice creams Rs. 400 * Please speak to service personne! for more details. FROM THE PATISSERIE CABINET SELECT YOUR CHOICE OF CAKE WITH A CUP OF MILK TEA OR KAHATA (PLAIN) TEA & PIECES OF JAGGERY Date, Ginger and Tea Cake LUM emer cr Chocolate Muffin Walnut Muffin ie) Catala TT OTC Flag Poached Pear Tart Chocolate Cup Cake German Chocolate AI Cem steven ya Oi Leetonia PS VENTER tr lUY Tl a eM Suite ee) 1c} COA Um erence PU eer ces fo (om COs) 0)0) ro) a OU CRM TOR cIA (Lo a) KC od Liaelt) Rs. 310 Liat} Rs. 350 Litt) Rs. 350 Liat) iat) Sanit] Lani!) Liars) Rs. 270 Lies] TRADITIONAL SRI LANKAN SAVOURIES. SELECTION OF ROAST PAAN SANDWICHES WITH CUP OF MILK TEA OR KAHATA. (PLAIN) TEA & PIECES OF JAGGERY Mutton or Chicken or Fish Roast Paan Polsambol or Seeni Sambol Roast Paan ROAST PAAN SANDWICHES Mutton or Chicken or Fish Roast Paan Polsambol or Seeni Sambol Roast Paan SELECTION OF TEA WITH SNACKS ETM Nema eCm UY NLA TTT eda rem LAVA 1c) 0] Cinnamon Spice Tea with Isso Wade Rose with French Vanilla Tea with Panipol Pancakes Iced Lemon Tea with Bibikkan Paka: eam ORs) Uke aU eC RR ARA Lelie od THE TEA CEREMONY SPECIAL RESERVATION: (ere Crem OTe ae E: TEA SAMPLING SESSIONS DWord ISM OM TexeL cee) V290 Leal) dem mT EA) 9am-12pm&1pm-4 pm SPECIAL RESERVATIONS: era TMT) ehh es E: wv sip Oe Neo Ceylon Tea Moments welcomed the world to enjoy a sip of serendipity CRU we meme la al It is the first ever tea lounge owned by the Sri Lanka Tea Board and it’s a concept of the Chairperson - Ms. Janaki Kuruppu. It was brought to fruition under the guidance of the Hon. Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe with the blessings of His Excellency the President, Mahinda Rajapaksa. ie ats Pia dt) aia Beanery One SRI LANKA TEA BOARD GS el ah us SRILANKAN CATERING (PVT) LTD A 7) Oe Ne OL