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Micro-Teach Ed 2500 Lesson Template

THINK about your Lesson:

The Big Questions:
What do you want your classmates to know by the end of the 20 minutes?
I want students to be able to create a blackout poem (a specific type of found poetry).
How will you know that they know it? (Eg: explain it in writing or in discussion, do
something to demonstrate, play a game, draw something, or create something)
Students will be able to demonstrate their knowledge by creating a small completed
poem of their own.

Play to YOUR strengths!

Some possibilities:
- how to... play a simple game, pack a suitcase, tie knots, rope a calf, file your nails,
braid hair, knead bread dough
- a physical exercise lesson
- an Art lesson ( perspective, colour, sketch, sculpt)
- Use a picture book or novel and read (excerpt) to examine an issue... ( eg. bullying,
prejudice, gender stereotypes )
- Language Arts... writing Haiku or other poetry, using figurative language
- a mini music lesson... note reading/ singing/
- Dance lesson
- a second language lesson
- calligraphy, handwriting,
- Drama (role play, other drama skill game)

Micro-Teach Ed 2500 Lesson Template

Lesson Plan Topic: Creating a Found Poem
Objective: Students will be able to demonstrate their understanding of how to create a
found poem through producing their own short found poem.
Focusing on grade 4/5 curriculum outcomes: 2.4 Create original Text: Structure texts
and 2.3 Understand Forms, Elements and Techniques: Experiment with language
Time: 20 min
Materials/ Resources:
Materials: (x # of students)
Markers, pencils, rulers, same page from a book photocopied
Resources: Creative Writing Now As
accessed Nov 18, 2015. Web. Found Poetry As accessed Nov
20, 2015. Web. Poetic Form: Found
Poem As accessed on Nov 17, 2015. Web.
"Making a Newspaper Blackout Poem (time-lapse Video)." YouTube. YouTube. 22 Nov.
2015. Web.
Jonker, Travis. The Fun of Found Poetry. Children & Libraries 10.3 (Winter 2012) 64.
Wells, H. G. The Time Machine: An Invention. Modern Library Pbk. ed. New York:
Modern Library, 2002. Print.
Wells, H. G. The War of the Worlds. New York: Tom Doherty Associates, 1988. Print.

Micro-Teach Ed 2500 Lesson Template

Introduction: (Establishing an interesting opening to the topic) Time: _____ ( 1-2
Announce topic and begin with introductory video to capture attention and interest.
Teacher Activity: (what you do to present the material in steps... includes any
directions you need to give or demonstration)
Time: ______ (3-5 min)
1. Provide students with the outcome of the lesson
2. Define Found Poetry and go through examples
3. Explain rules of found poetry
4. Go over the steps to create a found poem with students (use fist to five to asses if
students understand what is expected of them)
5. Show example and pass out all materials to students. Assist students by answering
questions and monitoring their progress. Delegate two students to help pass out papers
and markers.
Student Activity: (what students do to reinforce the concept, practice, demonstrate
Time: _______ (8- 10 min.)
Students will create their own blackout found poem, by circling/ boxing key words or
phrases, and blacking out the rest of the text, to create a finished product. This will
reinforce their understanding of how to create a specific type of found poetry.
For those students who finish ahead of others: I will bring additional photocopied pages,
for the students to create another poem, time permitting.
Closure: (wrapping up the lesson... brief summary/sharing of student work/ exit slip. It
reinforces your objective) Time: ______ (2-3) min.
Have 2 or 3 students share their found poems aloud.
Ask students what they thought through thumbs up/ down/ sideways.