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eee AO Wee a ke ek ee el Wea ee ome NORMED Re Design and Writing: Gary Astleford, Steve Darlington, and Robert F. Schwalb Slaves of Destiny: Chris Pramas Development: Robert J. Schwalb Editing: V3 Studios Proofreading: Scort Neese Graphic Design & Art Direction: Hal Mangold Cover Art: Andrea Uderzo and Scott Purdy © WERP Logo: Darius Hinks Interior Art: Miguel Coimbra, Mike Franchina, Paul “Prof” Herbert, Jon Hodgson, Andy Law, Pat Loboyko, Scott Purdy, Wayne Reynolds, Christophe Swat Cartography: Andy Law WERP Development Manager: Kate Flack Head of Black Industries: Marc Gascoigne Warhammer, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay the Warhammer Fantay Roleplay logo, Black Industri, the Black Industries Jogo, and ll associated races and race insignia, mats, names, characters ilstatons, and images fom the A Black Industries Publication First published in 2006 by Black Industries, an imprint of BL Publishing [No pate of this publication may be reproduced, stored ina retrieval system, oF transmitted in any form by any means, electronic ‘mechanical, photocopying, ecording or otherwise shout the prior permission of the publishers. © Copyright Games Workshop Limited 2006, All Rights Reserved, Games Workshop, the Games Workshop logo, BI Pablishing ‘Warhammer universe are cher @, TM, and/or ee {© Games Workshop Lidl 2000-2005, variably Thee registered in the UK and other countries Wilow around the wool Al ight ser Nottingham eh us NG72WS Green Ronin and the Gren Ronin log re UK “indemarks of Gren Ronin Publishing and are used with permission Product Code: 60040283015 ISBN 10: 1-84416-307-5 ISBN 13: 978-1-84416-307-6 www a eR INTRODUCTION Cuarrer 1: THE SKaVEN ARE REAL, AND THEY ARE AMONG US) reconionneninenS Legends of the Ratmen “6 Form and Function ‘Chronicles of the Skaven.. 4 Cuarren I: Skaven History 27 The First Wate ann Skavenblight =a Disaster at Skavenbligh Aftermath ond Exposion 29 Tae Crug of he Daf Nagash The Rise of Clan The Glorious Detthwmmmmnnw it The Spreading Shadow... Present Threat. The Enemy Within — Skaven and Other Races anni Wri of th Horned Ras — 42 rey Sees Sen Goer The Council of Thirteen. The Four Great Clans. Clan Eshin.. Clan Moulder Cla Fle AD Clan Mors.. a CaN Sk nnn $0 0 $2 0, $ ‘SKAVEN SETTLEMENTS . = The Under-Empire —. Geogrphy ofthe Under Emgirest Climate in the Under-Empire $2 Highways and Byway: Joining s the Under-Empire Together $2 ‘Skaven Satlements Skaven Architecture ommcnmnnn $3 Skaven Communities of Note 54 Black Chasm. 4 The City of Pillars mnmnmene 54 elt Pent Ip MOUillncrnmnemnmnan $3 Qucekwel... SS ‘Savenbligh nmnmnnnnn S$ Under-Altdorf 56 = Sample Settlement — sreenn 6 Under- Dalberg $6 = Warts — scncenennnnbt Sample Skaven Werband 62 Custom Skaven Clans nmmnnnen65 Clan Size. 5 Clan Inf luentennnrnnnnn63 eae Clan Talents. Sent Se Clin Se, Cuarrer V: Slave Harvesting Co a ae ‘Strength in Numbers, ‘Types of Skaven — S58 ern Clanrats.. Grey Sern Gutter Runmers. The Lore of Plagitmennnnnm77 The Lore of Scalth The Lore of Warpanenmnmn 78 New Spells. ee Warpstone Dust Warpstone Tokens Unrfined Warpston nd — Warpsione Artefacts ‘Clan Skryre Technomancy. Building the Device Using the Det omennananene87 ‘Malfunctions. 38 Filling in the BMS ooonon 88 Sample Device. Cuarrer VI: New Talent evmnonnrennnnetO} — Fleshmoulding — Requirements enmmnenrnnnnn 04 Cuarrer VII: A SKAVEN CAMPAIGN «101000, 106 Seven Player Grp mnt Skaven Adventures. — Against the Skaven — 109 = Unekr-Empire Bestiary nn tt Cuavren VII: Staves oF Destiny Inpex.