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Math Syllabus

Ms. Pena
Phone: 210-471-3852


This course is designed to satisfy the Core Curriculum mathematics requirement. Topics may
include number theory; fundamentals of statistics; basic statistical graphs; financial
management; functions; linear graphs and modeling; exponential growth and decay;
logarithms; fundamentals of probability; fundamentals of geometry; and basic ideas from
trigonometry, calculus, and discrete mathematics.

3 Subject Spiral , Pencils, Graph Paper, Graphing Calculator(Recommended) or Scientific
Calculator, 1 in ring binder

Grades will be assigned in accordance with the following grading scale.
(no +/-, no curves) A > 894, B: 795 894, C: 700 794, D: 595 694, F: < 595.
50 pts: Attendance
125 pts: Quizzes (10)
125 pts: In-Class Activities (10)
100 pts: 1st Six weeks exam
100 pts: 2nd Six Weeks exam
100 pts: 3rd Six weeks exam
100 pts: 4th Six Weeks Exam
100 pts: 5th Six Weeks Exam
100 pts: Final Exam

Quizzes can be comprehensive, but generally cover the material from one week. You may take
each quiz 3 times (with similar questions) with your highest score kept. Quizzes will not be
accepted late.

Activities will be started in groups during class time. Each student will submit a report. Reports
will be graded on grammar, flow, content, and completion. No activities will be picked up after
the due date

All exams are in-class and are closed notes, closed book exams. Students are expected to work
individually, and complete work during the allotted time. Exams may contain a mixture of short
answer and multiply choice questions

Missed Exams:
Missing an exam will result with 0 points awarded. The score from the final exam can be used
in place of an exam and will be counted twice for score during averaging. In general, there will
be no makeup exams, and no retakes

Attendance will be counted as a grade. Many of the exam questions will come from each daily
lecture or class discussion. Missing class will leave you to start and complete these
assignments on your own, and consult classmates for notes.
Excused absences: can affect your eligibility for an exemption fort the final exam. 1 excused
absence you must have an 80 or above average. 2 excused absences you must have a 90 or
above average.
All UNEXCUSED absences will not be eligibly for an exemption.


Students are expected to assist in maintaining a classroom environment that is conducive to
learning. Inappropriate behavior in the classroom shall result, minimally, in a request to leave
class. Turn off and put away all cell phones, iPods, and other electronic devices. ALL
ELECTRONICS WILL BE PICKED UP AFTER 1ST WARNING. You will be able to pick up your
electronics after school for $15 in the front office.
Arrive on time: if you are late after the bell rings, you will be counted tardy, after 3 tardies it is
considered an absence

will lead to write ups, a phone call to your parents, suspension, or expellsion.