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North American University

Education Department
M.Ed. in Educational Leadership / M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction
EDUC 5324 Integrating Technology into Education
Name: Mustafa Karaca

Date: 10/17/2015

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Bulent Dogan & Kadir Almus (2014) School Administrators Use of iPads: Impact of
Training and Attitudes Toward School Use, Computers in the Schools: Interdisciplinary
Journal of Practice, Theory, and Applied Research, 31:3, 233-250, DOI:

Research Questions (if research questions are not specifically mentioned, what is
the theoretical background or overarching theme):

Investigating the impact of receiving iPad training on school administrators attitudes

towards iPad use in their professional lives and in the classroom by teachers.
Purpose of the research:

In order to determine potential impacts in this area, a research study involving a training
process, which included workshops, online resources, and ongoing support, was
What is the methodology for the research or approach used to understand the
issue? Provide information regarding the following:

Participants: Elementary and middle schooladministrators.

Procedures: Training was designed based on feedback from participants and delivered
through an interactive webinar session
Data Collection Methods/Data Source: School administrators were asked whether
they used specific iPad applications for work-related purposes. A majority of the
participants (66.67%) responded affirmatively to this question. These participants were
further asked to name the specific applications that they used.
Data Analysis:
Participants were asked to rate their iPad knowledge and skills prior to and after
completing the training process.

Findings or Results (or main points of the article):
Using the iPad efficiently by school administrators.
Conclusions/Implications (for your profession):

Furthermore, the relatively young age of participants may be a factor in the positive
reception of the training activities in this study, as it has been previously shown that
younger school administrators use more technology compared with older school
administrators (Afshari et al., 2010; Schiller, 2003)
Students Reflections (changes to your understanding; implications for your
I really like this work. This survey shows us that first our administrators needed to be educated for using
new technology tools. They play very important role in school .If the admins trust that devices will be
useful then they find the search/money. If not, no way.
From my side it could be better to give this kind of surveys to our admins/teachers during the school year
three times.
One is the very beginning of the year (we can see what the staffers need for their subject)
Other one is in the middle of the year (how they are using efficiently the iPads/devices)
The third one is at the end of the school year (how was the using devices, was that really helpful for the
At the end of the survey; 81% of the administrators responded they really like the survey and would like to
continue with using iPad. 8% of them responded as somewhat useful. In that part as I see 19% of the
administrators did not get what our century need for their school. It is a huge number for me. We should
understand we can`t do without technology tools in the class in this century.
Thank you.

(Afshari et al., 2010) : Proceedings of 6th International Conference on Educational
Technologies, 2010 (pp. 1318)