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Kim LeStrange 85 Suydam Lane Bayport, NY 11705 631 620-1776 November 29, 2015 ‘To Whom it May Concern: 1am honored to write a personal letter of reference for my friend Lou Liberatore, whom. Thave known for the past ten years. Our family has been friends with his family and Lou has been my son Matthew’s travel baseball coach for five years. We have traveled the east coast together, with our team each summer. Low's positive attitude and hard work is what has helped him accomplish his goals thus far. He will go the extra mile to give his best for any task he is given. He is an excellent team leader and encourages the people around him to rise to his level and put forth their very best efforts. Above all his professional qualities, what I admire most about Lou is what a thoughtful human being he is. He exemplifies the phrase ‘Because Nice Matters’. Our school district would be incredibly fortunate to have him on board. Sincerely yours, Kum Usa uh