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An integrated marketing communications plan

Prepared By:
Caleb Brooks
Katey Carmichael
Skylar Cothren
Lisha Earhart
Emma Gookin
Rebekah Hickman
Melody Rainwater
Brennan Tutor
Courtney Wentworth

An integrated marketing communications plan

Table of Contents

Executive Summary.................................................2
Situational Analysis.................................................3

Segmentation and Targeting...................................4

Positioning and Communication Objectives..........5
Media Plan.........................................................6-8
Creative Strategy..................................................9
Other IMC Recommendations............................10

An integrated marketing communications plan

Executive Summary

Express 360 is an app that gives local businesses in the Jonesboro area the ability to advertise
products while offering free vouchers to customers. The application was introduced in the
summer of 2014 by The Fundraising Express, LLC. Express 360 provides fundraising opportunities for non-profits, churches, schools, and other organizations (sororities and fraternities). The
app will be sold for $19.99 for a 3-month period, and will be targeting Arkansas State University
students as well as local mothers. The app is designed to save consumers money to a vast
majority of the local businesses around Jonesboro that offer special promotions. Advertising the
app through several mediums like social media, television, radio, etc. will allow Express 360 to
broaden its reach and frequency around the Jonesboro area.
Express 360 has a strong brand identity, as it is unique to the NEA area. This concept provides
the foundation for a successful integrated marketing communications campaign. This campaign
will build off of Express 360s foundation and promote Express 360s fundraising app along with
businesses associated with the app.
This integrated marketing communications plan will focus on aligning Express 360s marketing
efforts with their strong brand identity, while increasing the sales and awareness of Express 360s
products. This integrated approach will unite creativity, paid advertising, public relations, direct
marketing and sales promotion to show customers how this app can benefit them in their everyday lives. The tactics outlined in this plan will communicate to customers how Express 360 has
developed tools to integrate fundraising and coupon savings.
The single most important thing this campaign will communicate to customers is that by purchasing Express 360 not only are they able to save money on a night-out, but they are also giving
back to non-profits.

An integrated marketing communications plan

Situational Analysis

SWOT Analysis
- Completely FREE vouchers
- Allows businesses to advertise at their own price
- No similar products in this area
- Helps non-profit organizations and the community

- Minimal non-profits
- No company website
- Brand recognition
- Start-up

- Room for company expansion
- Become a primary fundraising product
- Help non-profit organizations prosper

- Room for company expansion
- Become a primary fundraising product
- Help non-profit organizations prosper

Brand Equity Audit

Express 360s brand equity is currently low. This is because it was only launched in the summer of
2014. However, because Express 360 is a start-up so there is room for exponential growth over the
next year. At the current moment, Express 360 has a strong brand identity as it is a unique fundraising app that is non-existent in the Northeast Arkansas area.
Client Profile
Summary: The Fundraising Express is a new app that allows local Jonesboro businesses to advertise products while offering FREE vouchers to customers. The Fundraising Express benefits non-profit organizations by donating 7% of each app purchases.

Ryan and Ashley Moore
3700A Stadium Blvd., Jonesboro, Arkansas 72404
(870) 351-1851


The purpose of this app is to provide people with the next generation of fundraising. The
product allows businesses to advertise products at their price while supporting non-prof
its, schools and churches.


Fundraising Express has hopes to expand to a national level, providing the app in differ
ent cities around the United States. This app is connecting communities to local busi
nesses while benefiting a better cause.

An integrated marketing communications plan

Segmentation & Targeting

Because Express 360 offers thousands of free vouchers to the consumers of their application, our
targeted segment includes Arkansas State University students and local mothers. Both target segments rely on affordability because their funds are limited. College students have demanding schedules that often prohibit them from having jobs, while mothers are working outside of the home even
though most family responsibilities fall on her. By providing these segments with a more affordable way
to dine out or save money at the grocery store, the app will become more popular and profitable.
Quantitative research for Express 360 was conducted through surveys. The surveys were distributed
online to current Arkansas State students (ages 18-25) and mothers (ages 26-35) who live in Northeast Arkansas. A total of 103 people responded to the survey. Of those respondents, 82% were
female, 18% were male and the average age was 23 years. 71% of respondents were interested in
an using an app that would provide discounts and vouchers; however, less than 25% of those surveyed knew about Express 360. See the full survey appendix.
Of those who participated in the survey, less than half knew about Express 360. Since the company
is locally owned, it has an advantage over larger companies such as Groupon. NEA residents have full
access to local restaurants, shopping centers and much more. Because the app is not widely
known, our promotion tactics will be successful as we become more popular within the community.

An integrated marketing communications plan

Positioning & Communication Objectives

Positioning Statement
Express 360 is different from most money saving apps because it focuses on a small geographical
location and saves the consumer money through thousands of local retailers and local businesses.
Most apps that have a purpose of saving the consumer money are nationally or globally focused
and offer savings through one retailer.
Communication Objectives
1. Sell 1000 Express 360 apps before December 2015
2. Create a contract with 5 new local business to use the app by December 2015
3. Find 5 local groups (schools, greek life, churches) to sell the app by December 2015
4. Raise social awareness by 75% by December 30, 2015

An integrated marketing communications plan

Media Plan

Media to be used:

Target Audiences

1. The Internet:
- Facebook
- Twitter
- Instagram
- Youtube
- Website
2. Daily Digest
3. Television
4. Newspaper
5. Radio

1. ASU Students (18-22)

2. Mothers (24-35)

Media Itinerary
YouTube: Release videos that share personal testimonies of how the app has assisted someone. This will primarily be used to reach young mothers.
Facebook: Create contests exclusively for Facebook followers, providing them with exclusive
coupons and discounts.
Twitter: Develop an official hashtag; tweet promotional quotes from customers; interact with
customers; use customer Tweets to monitor satisfaction rates; Tweet deals and exclusive
information about the company and its associated brands.
Instagram: Upload photos of available coupons and upcoming coupons to promote potential
deals to current and prospective customers.
Website: Develop and frequently update the website. Include direct feeds from all social media
and embed testimonial videos.
Daily Digest: The second week of each month, launch a week-long promotional ad to appeal
to ASU students.
Television: Include short advertisements during ASU-TV broadcasts to promote to college

An integrated marketing communications plan

Media Plan

Media Itinerary continued

Newspaper: Several times a month include a promotional advertisement into local newspapers,
such as the Jonesboro Sun.
Radio: Choose local radio stations that appeal to the target audiences (KASU, Red Wolf Radio,
101.7, 107.5 for college students; 100.5, 106.7, 107.9 for mothers) and stagger advertisements throughout the various stations.
Media Objectives
Timing, Reach and Frequency:
YouTube: Every other Monday; 50% of subscribers; Over the course of 2 months with an exposure of 4 videos, the objective of convincing viewers to subscribe to the app will be reached.
Facebook: Once a month; 80% of followers; Over the course of one contest, followers should
increase by a minimum of 5% in hopes of winning exclusive deals.
Twitter: 6 times per day; 50% of followers; During a typical day, a minimum of 50% of Twitter
followers will be exposed to at least one tweet about the company.
Instagram: 2 times per day; 90% of followers; In a day almost all followers will see a photo
uploaded to Instagram, encouraging them to access the app.
Website: Update the website once per week; No reach and frequency objective available.
Daily Digest: One week per month; 20% of ASU students; 5 exposures will encourage students
to access the application.
Television: 2 advertisements per 2 ASU-TV broadcasts per week; 10% of viewers; 4 exposures
should encourage students to speak to their friends about the application.
Newspaper: 3 times a month; 40% of readers; 3 exposures will encourage readers to inquire
about the application.
Radio: Over the course of one month, advertise on each station at least twice a day; 80% of
listeners; After 5 exposures, listeners will want to learn more about the app and will either download it or access the website and social media for more information.

An integrated marketing communications plan

Media Plan

Media Mix
- YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and the Daily Digest will all link back to the Facebook page and the
- Television, Newspaper, and Website will all link back to the website.
Media Rationale
Social media is used for promotion. The majority of internet users access social media, many of
which access them using a mobile device, which is the same way that the application is
accessed. It is an easy way to reach BOTH target audiences since the majority of them access at
least one of the social media outlets.
Radio, television, and newspaper are both used to reach BOTH target audiences. They can both
be accessed for relatively inexpensive prices.
Media Flowchart
Over the course of one month:
- No purchases necessary for social media or Daily Digest.
- Website: $9.99
- Television: $300
- Newspaper: $300
- Radio: $500

An integrated marketing communications plan

Creative Strategy

Target Persona
1. College students ages 18-22
Persona #1: Jay is a sophomore with two years left of college. He has always been cautious of
how much money he spends. Jay lives off campus and pays own exspenses therefore, he has a
limited amount of money to spend on eating out. He is looking for ways to save money. Express
360 is his answer!
2. Mothers ages 24-35
Persona #2: Angie is a 28-year-old mom who is married and has two young children. The family
receives a middle-class income and takes advantage of every opportunity to save money. The
family likes to enjoy time together out of the house. Express 360 helps them do so by offering free
vouchers for local entertainment.
Creative Objective

Increase awareness of Express 360 app by 50% and inform Northeast Arkansas about the product benefits from purchasing the app

Customer Promise

- Express 360 brings you local deals, dining event information, coupons and much more every day.
- Express 360 brings you shopping deals and discounts every day to your smart phone.
- Express 360 is a social living app, promoting life in the Jonesboro and neighboring NEA.
- Express 360 is the only lifestyle app targeting the community of Jonesboro and the neighboring
- The app is an effort to reconnect the community and local events & businesses
- Express 360 covers local dining, local shopping deals and trends, and local events
Brand Personality
- Modern
- Accessible to everyone
- Exclusive to Northeast Arkansas
Advertising Appeals
We will use a rational appeal through internet offerings. The customer has a greater opportunity to
process the copy information then will lead to a strong conviction about the product benefits and
eventually a purchase will be made

An integrated marketing communications plan

Other IMC Recommendations

Sale Promotion Recommendations

- To increase use of app by 100% by December 2015.
- Create customer loyalty program
- Sweepstakes to win free app purchase
Direct Marketing Recommendations
- To increase purchases of app by 100% by December 2015.
- Direct mail piece to target NEA households with at least one child
- Email blasts to individuals who have started the sign up process, but did not complete it
- Cold calling to businesses offering special app purchase fee to employees in exchange for
alllowing Express 360 to use business in app.
Internet/Interactive Recommendations
- To increase awareness of app by 75% by Decemer 2015
- Facebook posts 2 times per day
- Twitter giveaways every Wednesday
- Youtube ads to encourage purchase
- Create website to visit, learn more about the app, and provides purchase link
- Create Instagram and highlight app partners
PR Recommendations
- To increase awareness of app by 75% by December 2015.
- Press release circulated to NEA newspapers, radio stations and TV stations
- Sponsor campus related events
- Host events for churches, non-profits, ASU organizations and schools


An integrated marketing communications plan


Objective 1: Sell 1000 Express 360 apps before April 30, 2015
- Evaluation: Total the amount of apps bought between January 1, 2014- January 30,
Objective 2: Create a contract with 5 new local business to use the app by December 30,
- Evaluation: Total how many business contracts were created after January 24, 2014
Objective 3: Find 5 local groups or organizations to sell the app by December 30, 2015
- Evaluation: Total how many local organizations used Express 360 as a fundraiser after
January 1, 2014
Objective 4: Raise social awareness by 75% by December 30, 2015
- Evaluation: Conduct a new survey and see if the awareness percentage has increased by
75% since January 1, 2014


An integrated marketing communications plan



An integrated marketing communications plan