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Carolyn Dunn - writing 4

The world under the water

Something that haunted me under the water in Mexico was ecstatic and enchanting. Since I was
a child, I have always dreamed of a life under the sea or in the universe. After I visited in Mexico, I saw a
part of the world that I had dreamed of. All I was doing for 5 days in Mexico was snorkeling and
watching a new world in there. I traveled to Cancun in Mexico five months ago with my friend when I
lived in Chicago. As soon as we arrived there, my friend and I went to the beach near our guest house in
Playa del Carmen, which is in the east side of Mexico. It was sunset. The scenery was so fascinating, as if
we were floating on a cocktail filled with orange, pink, purple and emerald, but the most beautiful and
colorful scenery that I saw was the next day. We went to a cenote, which is a natural sinkhole, to do
snorkeling. When I saw the cenote for the first time, I felt a little bit nervous to do snorkeling. It was
beautiful but so huge and dark that I couldnt guess how deep the water was. However, after I saw

inside of the water, I totally forgot the feeling that I felt just before. I felt as if I was in a different world
from reality, like the universe. A slight light, small fishes, different types of rocks and gradations of color
were glittering, and the chilly water touched me softly and gloriously. I followed the light from
somewhere, and there were scuba divers with flashlights, and it reminded me of the universe in which
spacemen were searching for something in a planet. I raised my thumbs up to them and they turned up
and down. It looked like a mermaid and mermans dancing performance. I dreamed away the time,
watching the amazing world. That was my first unforgettable experience seeing an enthralling world
under the water.