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Ashlynne Drew
Sean M. George
2 November 2015
Make Your Vacation a Dream Come True
When it comes to vacations many families like to get out and have an experience the
whole entire family can enjoy. Cruising with the Carnival Cruise Lines can make your
experience one filled with many worth-while memories. From Dance Parties, to comedy clubs,
and even a safe, fun hangout for the children to enjoy while the parents can have time to
themselves getting massages, playing mini golf, going to a show, ect. There are endless things to
do both on and off the ship. Whether it’s participating in karaoke night on the ship or zip lining
off the ship, you’re guaranteed a good time. In this essay I will discuss the benefits of cruising
with Carnival Cruise Lines.
To begin with, I went on my very first cruise in March of 2015. Having the skeptical
mother I have, cruising in a gigantic ship filled with thousands of strangers and being on the
ocean was a huge step (she can barely fly without having an anxiety attack and backing out last
minute). Luckily, we went along with our good family friends, Sherri and Zoya George. It was a
girls trip because both Zoya and I were graduating the upcoming May. What better way to spend
the last spring break of your senior year in high school on a cruise ship with good company? Our
vacation was nothing short of amazing, as expected. As we stepped foot on the cruise we went
straight to the food bar where they were already preparing lunch for their guests. We began
wandering the ship and getting the inside scoop of all the events happening on the ship. The top

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deck, or what we called the “chill deck,” was where people went and enjoyed themselves in the
sun with a glass of whatever they wanted in their hands. There were two sides to this deck. The
right side of the deck had a few water slides and chairs beside it for the older people of the
families to relax and watch their children have a good time. The left side of the deck was a food
bar, dance floor, pool, two hot tubs on each side of the pool, and a flight of stairs leading up to
more chairs and a place to play mini golf, basketball, and hockey. As enjoyable as that sounds
there is even more to the cruise than just the top deck. The middle deck was where the casino,
coffee joints, bars, comedy clubs, nightclubs, kid clubs, fancy dinners, and spas were held, along
with a staircase leading to the bottom deck where the theater and shops are. Below that were the
rooms where all the guests stayed. We always found ourselves engaging in all of the amazing
events the ship had to offer. On top of that, there were islands we stopped at to enjoy and
The stops we made on the our four day cruise (which ended sooner than we wanted it to)
was the beautiful Avalon, Catalina Island and Ensenada, Mexico. Beautiful doesn’t even do
Catalina island justice. As we arrived to the island we went straight to the golf cart rental shack
and hopped right on a golf cart to explore and enjoy the island. The houses all looked as if they
originated from disney’s movie, “Up.” With light shades of pink, blue, yellow, and green houses
along the streets. As we were driving around the island we found the Wrigley’s mansion, and
tons of cute shops, which being the girls that we are, we did some shopping. After a great day in
Catalina, we were back on the ship heading towards Ensenada. We got our tourist clothes on and
were ready for the flea market. Not knowing anything about the survival guide to successfully
making it through the market we did all the “wrongs.” For example, you are never suppose to say
the names of the people you’re in a group with, because that means a swarm of bee’s (the people

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running their shops) would all start calling your name like the pelicans off of disney’s “Finding
Nemo” who would continuously chant, “Mine, mine, mine.” My mom, being forgetful of this
advice, called Sherri’s name and the whole market began to chant “Sherri come to my shop.”
Being as overwhelming as it was we found some good buys and got out of there as fast as we
could. Next, we went on a horse ride on the beach and then headed back to the ship with the next
being a day at sea where we had time to chill and do as many as the activities the ship offered,
not even getting a sixteenth of the way through them. Long story short, having the opportunity to
cruise with Carnival was the best decision ever made.
In the article “The Cruise Industry” written by Vance Gulliksen, over the past 25 years
carnival has had over 100 different ships, each with their own little twist to it. When choosing
the ship you would like to vacation on, you can’t go wrong with any of them. From Carnival
Breeze to Carnival Dream they will not disappoint you. One benefit to this cruise line is that it is
very kid friendly where other cruises are more for adult entertainment. This year Carnival came
out with a new ship based off of the Dr. Seuss’s books, according to the article “Smarten-Up at
Sea!” It is a very good, fun learning experience for the children. From Sharing the wisdom of
the idea of equality to discovering an underground waterfall that every kid dreams of (Jenns and
Vercelletto 96). Another benefit is that today’s ships are truly “floating resorts” with elaborate
entertainment venues (Gullisken 342). Imagine everything you have ever dreamed of doing
while on vacation. Well now you can live it by cruising with carnival cruise lines.
Building the carnival industry started late in the 1900’s and is now well known around
the world. Being an affordable, family friendly cruise, attracts many families of adults and
children alike. the expansion of the cruise is that the drive to the port is made with in a day’s
drive. There are ports in Miami, San Juan, Port Canaveral, and Los Angeles. “Because of

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intensive and ongoing commitment to provide a superior product, studies show that cruising
enjoys the highest satisfaction rating of any vacation sector--and thus a high rate of repeaters.”
Gulliksen also mentions, “Aside with providing consumers with memorable, high-quality, and
value packed vacations, cruising also has made a tremendous economic impact, both in the US
where many cruise lines and vendors are based and in the destinations that the ships visit.” (343).
Cruising is all about the people and their interests. That is why carnival works hard to provide
the best vacation possible.
Carnival achieved being positioned as “The World’s Greatest Cruise Line” in 1987.
“Over the years, carnival has acquired representation in virtually every market segment of the
cruise industry, including premium operator Holland America Line in 1989, luxury brand
seaborn in 1992; Genoa, Italy-based contemporary brand Costa Cruises, Europe’s number one
cruise operator, in 1997; and venerable premium/luxury operator Cunard line in 1998, which
built the world’s largest ocean liner, the 150,000-ton Queen Mary 2” Stated the Carnival
Corporation & PLC website. There are many pro’s to cruising with Carnival Cruise Lines and
these are just a few of the accomplishments this cruise line has made over the years. I highly
recommend this cruise if you are looking for a good priced, fun-filled adventure for the whole
family to enjoy.

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