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Field Log Reflection

Nicole Piccini
Tanya Montero
Gabby Velasquez

3. What homework routines and policies are in

Nicole: At Castleton Academy, students are not given homework. Any missed class
assignments are to be made up during x period which is basically a study hall
where students can make up any work they missed while they were absent.
Tanya: At JW Dodd Middle School in Freeport, students are given homework daily
in the beginners Spanish class, while in the native class they dont get homework at
all instead they have two projects a year.
GV: At St. Annes School there is always homework given, unless it is the weekend.
It is usually based off of the days lesson and it involves the parents too.

4. What behaviors were seen, and how were they

handled? What is the approach to classroom
Nicole: Some students consistently misbehave and are told to go to the principals office.
Eventually they have to sit the entire day with the principal and do their work. In Mr. Gs
classroom, any student who misbehaves or calls out is told to sit in the first row, first seat
away from the other students.
Tanya: There are students that constantly have to be reminded to do work and pay attention,
my cooperating teacher usually reprimands them and they get back on track to finish their
tasks. In the native Spanish classroom, students talk throughout the period and the teacher
ignores it.
GV: When there are students who misbehave the teacher usually stands there quietly until
the students realize the teacher has stopped talking for them to stop talking. Other times, the
teacher walks around the class and stands behind someone who is misbehaving so they will
stop what theyre doing.

7. What evidence of home-school communication

was seen? Was it effective?
Nicole: Unfortunately, the parents dont care enough about the students
academics so phone calls home are not made.
Tanya: I havent seen any evidence of communication with parents in both the
beginners and native Spanish class.
GV: At St. Annes School, many parents are concerned with their child's grades
and their integrity and teachers respond accordingly.