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EDUC 579 Practicum in Gifted Education Collaboration Log

Please complete this log of collaboration activities during your practicum semester. You should document eight (8) activities. Example: For
an ongoing collaboration with one or more general education teachers over days/weeks, indicate each different type of collaboration
activity and the date of the activity. At least two of the collaboration activities should be with parents.

Type of Collaboration


Description of Collaborative Activity


Gifted Specialists and


Wendy Tibbs, Sharon Harris, Beth

Bero, Debbie Medeiros, Rachel
Glass, Beth Woodard, Kerri
Scroggins, and Mia Reed. (All
Gifted Specialists of Madison City
School), and Natalia Dooley
(Elementary Instructional
Technology Specialist)

Gifted Google Classroom training. The collaboration

session was mainly to get them up and running with Google
Classroom and to look at its application in the gifted
classroomparticularly how it can extend gifted activities
and learning outside of the pull-out time. We also focused
on how this can be used for differentiating advanced and
gifted students while in the general education classroom
while partnering with the classroom teacher.


Gifted Specialists

Wendy Tibbs, Sharon Harris, Beth

Bero, Debbie Medeiros, Rachel
Glass, Beth Woodard, Kerri
Scroggins, and Mia Reed. All
Gifted Specialists of Madison City

Monthly Gifted Meetings. These meetings are set up

monthly to collaborate, share, plan, and relate expertise to
each other. We work on SETs, curriculum, contests, field
trips, funding spending, collaboration tips with general
education to service GT and advanced students in the
general education classroom, etc


Gifted Specialist,
Administrator, and

Laura Minor (Assistant Principal),

Amanda Evans (Instructional
Partner), Debbie Medeiros (Gifted

Engagement and Differentiation for Advanced Learners

Professional Development (collaborating and planning).
The first two session were planning and the last was the
actual PD session. During this session we focused on how
to engage advanced learners and what that looks like in a
classroom. We wanted the teachers to walk out with
strategies and items they could use right now.


General Education

Marcia Humphrey

Project Based Learning (collaborating and planning).

This collaboration was focused around project based
learning but also how this format allows your advanced and
gifted kids to go farther and how to structure and manage
that. We started by looking at a canned unit by The PBL

EDUC 579 Practicum in Gifted Education Collaboration Log

8/20/15present day

General Education and The IP, Media Specialist, 5th/or

6th classroom teachers from
Horizon Elementary and
Columbia Elementary, Natalia
Dooley (Elementary Instructional
Technology Specialist), and
Daniel Whitt (Instructional
Technology Coordinator)

Identity based digital portfolios (collaborating,

designing, planning, and implementing). This is an
initiative that our school system has taken on that fits right
into the gifted unit on identity. I am working with a team of
technology specialists to create a program that is identity
focused for building a digital portfolio. I am also working
with Wendy Tibbs (Gifted Specialist) and her 5th and 6th
graders to work it into an identity unit in her GT classroom.



Kerri Scroggins (Gifted Specialist,

Beth Woodard (Gifted Specialist),
20+ sets of gifted third graders

Third grade parent meeting at Rainbow Elementary

school. This meeting was set up for parents of newly
identified gifted 3rd graders. Its purpose was to walk them
through how their child was identified, their rights, the GEP,
and to discuss how their pull-out class time was structured
and how we develop the curricula. It is also a time for them
to ask questions about the program.


Gifted Specialist

Debbie Medeiros

Creativity Gifted Unit Collaboration. Debbie Medeiros

and I have been working collaboratively on a creativity unit
for a while. Since I am no longer in the classroom we
partner up to plan and teach her students as we work
through the unit.


Parent, administrator,
counselor, teacher, and
district secondary

Dr. Donaldson (secondary

coordinator), Pam Hendrix (high
school counselor), Kelle Moody
(middle school counselor) Eric
Terrell (middle school principal),
Sylvia Lambert (high school
principal), and parent

Acceleration meeting(s). These meetings were in place to

not only determine eligibility for a student to accelerate but
also to work with the school, student, and parent to optimize
the learning environment for said gifted student.


Parent and

Administrator and Parent

Acceleration meeting. The parent, administrator, and I met

to discuss the advancement opportunities and procedures
for their Kindergarten child (who is very advanced for her


* general education teacher; cluster teacher; parent; administrator; other gifted specialist; other (e.g., community
stakeholder; mentor for student, public official)

EDUC 579 Practicum in Gifted Education Collaboration Log