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Alyssa Coffey

62 Bond Street

Westminster, MD 21157

New Graduate, RN

Carroll Community College
Major: RN, Nursing

Westminster, MD
Graduating December 17, 2015

Frostburg University Online

Major: BSN program

Frostburg, MD

Practicum: Johns Hopkins Hospital- Cardiac Intensive Care (CCU) RN supervised
Baltimore, MD

Initiated prioritized nursing interventions based upon assessment data; evaluated associated outcomes

Utilized critical thinking skills to respond accordingly to changes in patient condition

Worked with patients w/ ETT, CVVHD, LVAD, TVAR, external and internal pacemakers

Suctioned patients w/ ETT and tracheotomy

Assisted with A-line insertion, witnessed TVP floatation

Blood draws from A-line, PA line, Central line, Peripheral line and peripheral stick cultures

Medication Administration via PO, IM, IV, SQ, and parenteral tubes; IV set up: primed lines, programmed pumps

Foley insertion/removal and obtained urine cultures

Sterile dressing changes, wound management and care of drains

NG/OG placement and feedings

Cardiac monitoring and interpreting rhythm strips

Documentation of all patient care, and medication administration via Sunrise. Also able to work with Epic, Cerner, and Pyxis

Educated patients and families on medications and disease process

Carroll Hospital Center- Intermediate Care (IMC)

Documentation of daily patient care, VS, and I&O in Paragon EMR system

Head to toe assessment, and medication administration under instructor supervision PO, IM, SQ, IV

Recognized changes in patient condition and used critical thinking to determine why certain conditions/deficits were occurring

Shadow days: CCU, Vascular Access, Telemetry monitoring, and PCC (Charge nurse)

University of Maryland Medical Center- Midtown Campus
Baltimore, MD
Patient Care Technician on a 25 bed Med-Surg/Tele floor
March 2015- present
Collect and document data including: VS q4 hours, finger-sticks, intake, and output from Foley catheters, toilet hats or urinals
Alert nurses when patient vital signs, finger-sticks, or output is abnormal
Collaborate with nurses to provide daily patient care such as: bed baths, oral care, Foley care often as only tech on floor
Stock supplies in each patient room as needed; update patient boards in rooms
Adaptive communication to increase comfort, socializations and engagement in treatment processes
Fairhaven Retirement Community
Sykesville, MD
Monitor ADL's for 1-18 independent living residents and assist when needed all while developing therapeutic, trusting relationships
Administer all medications- PO, Nasal, Opthalmic to 20 residents per shift
Report changes in residents' baseline medical/mental status to supervising nurse
Sun Valley Assisted Living

Taylorsville, MD


Trained in Alzheimer's and dementia care, CPR and American Red Cross disaster training and planning
Certified Nurses Assistant /Geriatric Nurses Assistant, license #A00097293; Certified Medication Technician, license #MT0077813
Registered member of NSNA; Actively involved in national nursing conferences such as MANS and MNA

Service learning: BP screening for the elderly, referred to doctors if necessary; Health fair for elementary students on medication and

fire safety; Germ prevention presentation to preschoolers

Peer-mentoring for student nurses: 3 semesters

Deans list 2011-2014

Available upon request