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Kaylee Suarez

1010 W. Prairie St. Apt. #4

Denton, Texas 76201
November 20, 2015
Lauren Veatch, Program Coordinator Youth First
Youth First
Resource Center
3918 Harry Hines Blvd.
Dallas, Texas 75219
Dear Lauren Veatch:
My name is Kaylee Suarez and I am in the process of attaining my degree in Development and
Family Studies (DFST) with a minor in Counseling. Through the Resource Centers website, it
has come to my attention that there are opportunities in obtaining an internship. Youth First is
known as one of the only LGBTQ+ youth centers in the North Texas area that assists the youth
and young adults ages 14-22 and their families through supporting, educating, and providing
services when needed. I am seeking a position as an intern to assist you in further creating a safe
and supportive center through Youth First.
Since studying DFST and Counseling, I have been in the process of gaining the knowledge of
how important relationships are, how we develop, and how to notice when there is a need in our
society. I have a diverse background in what my past jobs and volunteer work has been in which
I have been able to adapt to different roles including but not limited to; communicating,
educating, multi-tasking, promoting, etc. I am interested in interning at Youth First because I
have a passion to work with LGBTQ+ youth and their families to a create a safe and supportive
place, to learn and strengthen relationships, and to raise their self-confidence to lead an open life
and a healthy life. I have also been working on a literature review on LGBTQ+ homeless youth
and the effect of inadequate resources in the United States. I would like to be one of those
resources for these LGBTQ+ youth and their families to assist in minimizing this rising issue and
to help those already that are homeless. I have a diverse background in educating and mentoring
youth and their families, attached is my resume that will further provide you of all of my
I would like to meet with you and learn more about what Youth First does for LGBTQ+ youth
and their families and discuss an internship opportunity within Youth First. Please feel free to
contact me at 713-906-2690 or at at your earliest convenience. I
have also attached a letter from UNT that provides information about the internship/practicum
program in which I must complete 150 hours during the Spring 2016 semester that begins on
January 19, 2016. I am available for an interview and/or meeting as soon as possible and will
contact you in one week to insure that you have received the enclosed information.
Thank you for your time and your deliberation. I am looking forward to meeting with you soon
and discussing the wonderful work that is occurring at Youth First.
With great appreciation,
Kaylee Suarez