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Kelsey Lengel

EDCI 270
Case 3: The Substitute Teacher
The lesson that was given to my group revolved around the concept of tornadoes and
natural disasters. The lesson plan itself is teachable. It has the basic parts that are needed to
understand what the teacher wants. Despite that aspect of it, however, it lack several components.
For example, it lacks student involvement. The lesson plan calls for the substitute teacher to only
call on three students to answer a question posed. This doesnt allow room for discussion or more
student participation. Theres also no end goal stated on the lesson plan. Theres no clearly stated
objectives that the students need to reach. In the lesson plan, specifically in the procedures
section, students dont have any room to speak and discuss anything about the topic of tornadoes.
The teacher is the one who is doing most of the talking.
There are a variety of unclear spots in the lesson plan. The overview and concept have the
same bullet points. The overview should be more clearly stated with objectives. On the materials
list, the teacher listed for the students to have construction paper and crayons, however in the
actual procedures section, there was no instruction for their use. The substitute was meant to use
a bottle tornado but there wasnt any instruction for that either. There wasnt any resources used
or mentioned in the lesson plan. The teacher also didnt take into consideration the fact that
technology could be integrated into the lesson.
There is information missing from this lesson plan. The most important concept thats
missing from this lesson plan is the lesson objectives and end goals. Its necessary for lesson
plans to have objectives because they help the teacher determine what they want their students to
be able to do by the end of the lesson. The tornadoes lesson plan also lacks an adequate
assessment to test the students learning. It calls for the teacher to assign the students an art
project and put three things they have learned on their art project while being observed by a
teacher. This doesnt truly test what the students have learned. It would be more beneficial if the
teacher had some kind of quiz or test relating to the facts about tornadoes and natural disasters.
The lesson could be improved if the teacher incorporated more student participation. It
would let students hear and think about what their peers thought about tornadoes and natural
disasters. Its also extremely important that the teacher creates objectives to design the lesson
plan around. The teacher should integrate technology to make the lesson more interesting and
engaging for the students. They should also incorporate different resources as well. There should
be a clearly stated assessment without teacher observation to truly test the students about what
theyve learned.
The other problems that I noticed were that the teacher made the concept and overview
mean the same thing when theyre completely different concepts. There are materials on the list
that students werent going to use while the substitute was teaching, which wouldve been a
distraction to the students. The lesson plan itself was very vague and ambiguous. It is a teachable
lesson but it is lacking so many important aspects that a lesson plan needs that it doesnt benefit
the students or the substitute teacher. The teacher in charge of creating this lesson plan should
make their next lesson more detailed and complete.