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Materials Needed
Making full use of podcasts' syndication features requires appropriate software, often referred to as a podcatching client. The feeds are usually distributed using RSS or Atom protocols to the podcatching client. The dominant podcatching client is Apple's iTunes player. However, there are alternatives, including Microsoft's Zune Marketplace, Juice (multiplatform), (Windows), Podget (Linux) and Podracer (Linux). Some established audio players, such as Amarok, Winamp and Mediamonkey also offer (sometimes limited) podcatching functionality

Average Cost

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- PR4 - well-indexed (2,570 pages in Google alone) - WordPress offers from $150 / BIN: $250 podcastingtip//com - PR2 - well-aged, wellindexed (510 pages in Google alone) WordPress - offers from $100 / BIN: $180 podcastincome//com - PR2 - great keyword domain! - #1 on Google for "podcast income", etc. - I have just converted this site from HTML to PHP with includes for easy changes, added more content, more revenue streams, etc. - offers from $90 / BIN: $150

Windows Podcasting Software
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • BlogMatrix Sparks! - An all-in-one podcasting solution that lets you record, mix, share, publish, store and listen. ePodcast Creator - An integrated podcasting application that lets you record, edit, create an RSS feed, and upload your podcast. ePodcast Producer - All-in-one software for podcasting that will record, edit, create an RSS feed and upload your podcast, all from within one handy interface. In addition to the features of iPodcast Creator, Producer offers Real Audio compatibility, integrated CD ripping and other features. Escapepodder - automatically generates an RSS feed and HTML for podcasts based on MP3s in a directory. FeedForAll - an application that streamlines creating and publishing RSS feeds. Folio First - knowledge base application with RSS & podcast support. Free Podcast Maker - simple tool for creating podcast XML files. MixCast Live - lets you record podcasts, create show notes and publish feeds. Podcast Accelerator - podcast module for the NexGen Digital automation system. Podcast AutoCue - computer podcast cueing software; displays your text in a scrolling window. Podifier - a simple to use application that automates the creation of an RSS feed, the enclosing of one or more MP3 files, and the ftp application to upload them to a server. PodProducer - a free Windows podcasting application. Propaganda - software for recording, editing ad publishing podcasts. RecorderPro - RecorderPro produces professional-quality podcast recordings in MP3 format. The VoiceBoost feature performs the same signal enhancement used on radio broadcasts for clarity and presence. The recording undo feature allows you to record in sections for perfect presentations. Synclosure - Synclosure is a RSS aggregator to flexibly download files in enclosures. It supports filter keywords, custom actions and a caching mechanism. (Source code available for other platforms). Webmaster Podcaster - Windows app for creating RSS/XML feeds for podcasts. WebPod Studio - software for creating audio and video podcasts. Comes in three editions: Standard, Professional and Enterprise. Winpodcast - free application for creating podcasts.

Macintosh Podcast Software
• Cast Easy - an application designed to help users create, publish, and organize new and previously published podcasts. • Feeder - an application for creating, editing and publishing RSS feeds. • FeedForAll - an application that streamlines creating and publishing RSS feeds. • Free Podcast Maker - simple tool for creating podcast XML files. • Podcaster - app to create podcasts and enhanced podcasts. • Podifier - a easy-to-use application that automates the creation of an RSS feed, enclosing of one or more MP3 files, and FTP'ing files to a server. • ProfCast - an all-in-one presentation to podcast tool for the Mac. ProfCast provides tools for lecturers to create podcasts from their lectures, offering an integrated workflow for creating, recording and publishing podcasts. • RapidWeaver - easy-to-use blogging tool that supports podcasting

Podcastamatic - a tool for automating the creation of web pages and feeds for podcasts based on MP3 tags.

Sever-Side Software
• • • • • • • • • • Dircaster - drop this script in a directory and it will generate an podcast feed based off the MP3 files in that directory. To 'cast a new file, simply upload it to the directory containing this script.Requires PHP4 or better. Drupal - a complete web content management system; includes podcast support LoudBlog - audioblogging and podcasting software for PHP/MySQL servers MP3feed - free podcasting script for distributing MP3s PodAdmin - a free web-based podcast manager. PodPress - plug-in for WordPress that adds full-featured podcasting support. QnECMS - (Quick and Easy Content Management System) is a commercial Web content management system that provides the ability to create podcasting as part of its Weblogging feature. Remote Dircaster - auto-generates a podcast XML file, from mp3 files on any ftp server. Widget Podcast - PHP/MySQL software that lets users manage and publish podcasts; supports iTunes. WordPress - blogging application has basic support for podcasting

Online Services
• • • • Apply Tools' Podcast RSS Feed Generator - form based online feed generator AudioBlog - a podcast and videoblog recording service that enables people to post to blogs, post to RSS, upload audio and video, record MP3 files over the web, and phone in a post (to blog or RSS). ClickCaster - easy to use podcasting solution that gives anyone with an Internet connection the ability to create, publish, listen and subscribe to an on-demand Podcast. MyRSSCreator - web-based tool that lets users upload and host their podcast, as well as produce the rss feed for the podcasts. It also creates a podcasting index page, along with a page for shownotes. Users can have the service host the podcast file, or they can host it on their site. Poderator - an online podcast feed generating service. Podcastblaster - A free to use online tool for creating both audio and video podcast feeds PodFeeder - an online service for searching for and sharing podcasts. PodOmatic - a podcasting site that lets users create, mix, host, search, share, and download podcasts. The site provides up to 250mb of free podcast hosting.

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What is a Podcast and How Does It Work?
(iPOD broadCAST) An audio broadcast that has been converted to an MP3 file or other audio file format for playback in a digital music player or computer. For a podcast to work, it converts files to MP3 and sends them to a site.

Libsyn started out early, and smartly, as a focused podcast hosting company, and have been quite successful in getting a number of top podcasters (both audio and video) as users— and generating revenue from them (everyone who hosts on Libsyn pays, starting at $5/month). According to Alexa, a large percentage of their traffic is from media files, rather than pages, and they undoubtedly serve a boatload more that's not Alexatracked.

Odeo has switched focus a few times since its launch in July of 2005. It started out as a podcast directory (audio-only) with, at the time, fairly advanced features like one-click subscribe, its own download client, play-on-the-page, and limited social functionality. Later, podcast creation (via web-based recorder and phone) was added, before launching a new home page that put more of a focus on personal audio messaging, rather than radio-show podcasting. In may, we moved the podcast publishing tools (including upload) to Odeo Studio, refocusing odeo.com as an audio directory, with an emphasis on listening online (as opposed to subscribe and download) and more social features.

• Podomatic has more features than you can shake a stick at. You can't accuse these guys of not trying stuff. Everything from podcast hosting, to a directory/social network, to audio mail, you name it. What's more, they're a Ruby on Rails shop and located in Pyra's old office, so I give them points for that. They're one of the few who's traffic seems to be moving the right way this year; maybe one of their innovations will pay off.