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Department of Legal Studies

BBD University

3rd Sessional Examination

BBAL 303: Human Resource Management & Development
Third Semester

Time: 3 hr

Section A

Q1.Attempt any four of the following:


a) Differentiate between Human Resource Management & Personnel Management.

b) Define Human Resource Planning.

c) What do you mean by Job Evaluation

d) Highlight the various aspects of employee welfare.

e) Define Counseling & Mentoring

f) Write short note on wage & salary administration.

Section B

Note: Attempt any three parts of the following:


Q2. What is job analysis? Highlight the importance of job description & job specification.
Q3. Explain the concept of Minimum Wage, Fair Wage and Living Wage. What factors influence the
determination of wage rate?

Q4. Selection is a negative process. Elucidate. Discuss the various steps in selection process.
Q5. Explain the various methods of Training & Development.
Section C

Note: Attempt any four parts of the following:


Q6. What are different sources of recruitment? Mention their merits & demerits.
Q7. What do you understand by the term Performance Appraisal? What are the objectives of
performance appraisal? Discuss in brief the methods of performance appraisal.
Q8. What do you mean by training? Distinguish between training & development?
Q9. Briefly explain the concept of HRD matrix and outline the various subsystems of HRD.
Q10. Write short notes on:
Stress & coping
Building effective teams
Fringe Benefits