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Tyler Morder

Ed 325 Field Experience Focus Questions

Directions: Carefully review your field experience journal entries.
Summarize your experience by writing a brief response to each of the
following focus questions. Use examples when possible.
1. Assessing student literacy (listening speaking reading and/or
writing) strengths and deficits
How has the teacher determined the literacy (listening, speaking,
reading and/or writing) needs of the students in her or his classroom
Reports on the unique characteristics and learning needs of diverse
learners (age, gender, culture, or ability) in the classroom? What
assessments have been given or could have been given and/or what
data have been examined or could have been examined?
-This was a class of full inclusion and had a wide variety of students
and readers. It was beneficial to see the instruction be adapted to fit
different needs. This class had a lot of full class discussion for a third
grade room. Students used a rather extensive vocabulary and were
very clear when describing their thoughts and feelings. With such a
diverse group of learners the teacher did a fabulous job tailoring
instruction and assessment to the needs and even interests of the
2. Describing student literacy strengths and deficits
Describe the literacy strengths and needs demonstrated by the
students you observed. How have their needs affected their academic
performance? Their attitudes toward reading and writing? Their
interactions with peers? Their motivations?
-Students love to read in the class I observed. I think the enjoyment
came from reading being an independent practice and often books
tailored to the students interests. Students also enjoyed reading
because they could do so with a partner at times. They were
motivated often and read just for the pure want they demonstrated in
their reading. The only issue was a few fluency problems. Some
students had unnatural pauses and were choppy through their reading
3. Incorporating the PA Common Core Standards in English
Language Arts
Were the PA Core Standards in English Language Arts being addressed
in the classroom you observed? If so, which ones? If none were used,
which ones could have been used in this classroom?
-PA standards were very visible. From using facts in writing to spelling
tests to reading comprehension tasks, the standards were definitely
being met.

4. Employing literacy strategies

What literacy strategies has the teacher employed or could have
employed to assist students with reading and writing? What strategies
were YOU able to use in working with individual or small groups of
students? How successful were you in designing and teaching
your two literacy lessons? Given the opportunity to teach these
lessons again, what would you repeat and what would you change?
- My 2 lessons went rather smooth and as planned. I used a lot of full
group discussion to promote collaboration along with other 21 st century
skills. This worked well and I saw Mrs. Mickey doing similar things.
They students also thought in a very creative manner and wrote the
same way. The classroom was managed well by Mrs. Mickey and
5. Using engaging resources
Describe the types of literature students were reading in this
classroom? What other types of resources were used in this classroom
to teach literacy? Were they engaging? What resources did you find in
the library that can foster a love of reading and writing?
-Refer to Library Reflection in folder.
6. Using technology to enhance literacy
Did the teacher or you utilize technology and/or other resources to
enhance literacy skills? Describe the type of technology and/or
resources used. If no tools of were being used to enhance literacy,
what types of resources could be beneficial for the students you
-Technology was used but not overbearing. Videos were shown and a
smart board was utilized for literacy games, introductions, reviews and
more. Computers were accessible in the library for research or
educational games. Students enjoyed using technology and it was
sometimes used almost as a reward.
7. Reflecting on this experience
How has this experience changed the way you will approach your own
teaching? How has it changed the way you view the students in your
classroom? What was the most valuable insight you gained through
this experience?
- I really valued being in the classroom and viewing how everything
worked. From transitions to the lessons themselves all my observing was
very helpful for my future. I watched how other teachers gain and keep
students attention along with how to manage a classroom. The 10 hours
were almost too much to soak in but it will all aid me in my future as an