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BULLYING UNIT Lesson 1: Bullying & Cyberbullying

School Counselor: Jennifer Cox (Practicum Student)

Activity: Bullying & Cyberbullying Awareness
Grade: 7
ASCA Student Standards
Social/Emotional Development
1.1 Belief in the development of whole self, including
a healthy balance of mental, social/emotional, and
physical well-being.
2.2 (Self Management) Demonstrate self-discipline
and self-control.
2.9 (Self Management) Demonstrate personal safety
2.4 (Social Sklls) Demonstrate empathy.
2.8 (Social Skills) Demonstrate advocacy skills and
ability to assert self, when necessary

Date: September 2015

Time: 30 minutes

2.9 (Social Skills) Demonstrate social maturity and

behaviors appropriate to the situation &
VSCA Student Standards:
MP5. Students will demonstrate appropriate skills for
interactions with adults and developing and
maintaining positive peer relationships.
Standard Alignment:
Virginia Grade 7 Health SOL 7.1u; 7.1v; 7.2s

Learning Objectives:
1. SWBAT identify examples of both bullying and cyberbullying.
2. SWBAT to distinguish between bullying/cyberbullying and isolated instances of aggression.
3. SWBAT to identify examples of upstander, bystander, and power imbalance.
3. SWBAT to identify three appropriate ways to react to and report bullying and cyberbullying.
Google Form pre-test/post-test assessment
Student access to Google Form assessment (laptops, iPads, etc.)
Digital projector with Internet & YouTube access
A Brave Heart trailer:
INTRO & PRE-TEST (10 minutes)
o Counselor greets class and introduces herself.
o State Purpose: To get a refresher on bullying, learn about cyberbullying, and
learn what to do if we see bullying occur.
o Reinforce expectation for students to raise hands to talk.
o Students use their laptops to access the Google Form pre-test
o Counselor reads options as students complete and send the form.
o Ask those that are willing to share their responses.
o Ask why some of the cruel examples on the pre-test dont count as bullying or
cyberbullying looking for the words persistent or consistent
o Ask class/Introduce the concept of power imbalance
HOOK (5 minutes)
o PREP: Before showing video, tell class that the woman in the video they are
about to see looks very different. Ask class to demonstrate their maturity and
self-control skills (no outbursts or comments).
o Ask class to keep a lookout in the video for examples of power imbalances,
upstanders & bystanders
DISCUSSION (15 minutes)
o Ask students what they thought of the video and describe what they saw.
o Ask students if they can identify the power imbalance in Lizzies situation
(answer: anonymous YouTuber vs. a video of Lizzie; Lizzie cant hide behind
o Ask students if they can identify an upstander in the video (possible answers:
women on The View, Lizzies parents, Lizzie herself)
o Ask students to identify bystanders in the situation (possible answers:
commenters, Likers, the millions of people who saw the video but didnt report it
to YouTube)
o Mention that Lizzie is an extraordinary case. Most people who are the victims of
cyberbullying do not go on to make careers out of fighting bullying, and that is
okay. Even though Lizzie is amazing, we dont all have to be like her if we find
ourselves being bulliedthe most important thing is that we let a trusted adult

and/or a school counselor, teacher, or administrator know so that the bullying will
stop and the bully can be addressed.
o Ask students to identify ways they can react to and report bullying at school and
ways to report/react to cyberbullying.
o Let students know we will take the post test after our 3 rd lesson in the unit.
Process Data:
o Attendance data from class for each of the three lessons.
Perception Data:
o Student thoughts and reactions to the Brave Heart video; students thoughts and
reactions to how deal with bullying and being a upstander
o Pre-test (beginning of unit) vs. Post-test (end of unit)
Outcome Data:
o Behavioral data- intended to reduce Offenses Against Students (bullying)
o For students who do not master competencies of the lesson, Dealing with Online
Bullies and Cyberbullying: Instant Cruelty worksheets available for individual student
work or for students to take home and discuss with parent/guardian.