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mobile phone controlled electrical device switching

mobile phone controlled electrical device switching

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Published by Vinoth
Final year project report
Final year project report

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Published by: Vinoth on Mar 30, 2010
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The output of the ULN2803 is "inverted". This means that a HIGH at the

input becomes a LOW at the corresponding output line. eg If the printer port line

connected to pin 1 goes HIGH, pin 18 on the ULN2803 will go LOW (switch


To operate the ULN2803 board an external power supply (not exceeding

maximum ratings) needs to be connected to the +VIN connection terminal and

the positive terminal for the lamp. The negative terminal connects to the

channel. When the I/O 24 module the connection to the lamp activates the

channel will go low causing the lamp to turn on. The circuit can be modified to

activate relays, solenoids etc.

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