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1. You may do as many of the activities as you can complete within the time
period given.
2. You may choose any combination of activities.
3. Your goal is 100 points. You can earn up to 20 points extra credit.
4. You may be as creative as you like within the guidelines listed below.
5. You must show your plan to your teacher by the end of the class on
6. Activities may be turned in at any time during the working time period.
They will be graded, and recoded on this sheet, as you continue to work, so
keep it safe!
to do

Activity to Complete
There are different metric units for measuring
pressure – research and explain how and why the
following units are used: Pascals, atmospheres,
pounds per square in and millimeters of mercury
Create a comic strip (2 pages) that shows how to
measure the speed on an object.
Create a timeline of Isaac Newton’s Life. You
must include at least 10 important events in his
Make a crossword puzzle from the vocabulary
words in Chapters 10 and 11. You must use at
least 10 words.
Measure the speed of at least ten different objects
and create a bar graph comparing the speeds.
Use meters per second and make sure to have the
objects travel the same distance.
Write or type a one page expository paper (three
paragraphs) that uses Newton’s Laws to explain
why we use seat belts in cars.
Create a four – square (definition, example, non
– example, picture) for 10 of the vocabulary
words in chapters 10 and 11.
Make a small poster that shows how latitude and
longitude are used to describe position.
Using the story of the tortoise and the hare make
a time distance graph showing the race if the
track was 100 meters and the race took 40
minutes. Time is on the x – axis and distance is
on the y – axis.

Point Date Points
Value Done Earned



Make a diagram of the heart and show where and
why pressure increases or decreases.
Create a comic strip (two pages) that explains
what terminal velocity is and why it is different
for different objects on Earth and not the moon.
Write a poem or song that includes at least ten of
the vocabulary works from chapters 10 and 11.
Make a chart that shows the formulas for
distance, acceleration, pressure, and force.
Include units and give examples of each.
Compare and contrast different types of shows
used in three different sports and explain why the
shoes are different using the terms friction and
traction. Make a sketch of the sole of each type of
show to help explain the differences.
Create a comic strip (2 pages) that uses at least
10 of the vocabulary works from chapters 10 and
Write a one page expository paper (three
paragraphs) that explains how the moon’s gravity
affects Earth.
Design a roller coaster. Label the areas of
potential and kinetic energy. Write a paragraph
explaining how a roller coaster works using the
terms gravity, friction, potential energy, kinetic
energy, speed and Newton’s Laws of Motion.
Write a sentence for 10 of the vocabulary words
from chapters 10 and 11.

Total  number  of  points  you  
are  planning  to  earn.  





I am planning to complete ________ activities that could earn a total of ____
points. I will have them completed and turned in by:_______________.

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