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The Currency Cloud is a London based financial-technology company that

handles international payment transactions. Established in 2012, it is a leader in this

growing market, managing $7 billion worth of transactions annually made by over
100,000 end-customers in 212 countries across 40 currencies. Their mission is to
power next-generation enterprises with a transparent, fast, easy-to-use and secure
payments engine that will transform the way businesses move money around the world.
The Currency Clouds logo is made up of three sections: transfers out, transfers
in, and response time. The logo becomes a direct reflection of what they do, literally.
The website and all other mobile applications update the dynamic logo daily to show
how the companys transfers and response time are currently doing.

Evolution and Mutations

There are only 2 distinction evolved logos with a few mutations of each. The first,
is a purely text based bicolored logo with the name of the company. in bold. The bold
lettering and the stacked nature of the text makes it really pop. The colors chosen are
both the colors of the sky. The first is a storm cloud grey, where as the second is the
color of sky blue on sunny day. Aesthetically, the colors go well together in trying to
make the logo look like the sky, yet the idea of a cloud is lacking in just the coloring. The
alliteration of both Cs as well as the curvatures of the letters make a nice rounding
effect on the left side. In an effort to make the text even more cloud like the font used is
sans serif and all letterings are smooth around the edges. The word Currency has a
nice minor flow of lettering about the top of all of the letters, which contrasts nicely with
the upper case C, l and d of Cloud. However, There is no direct visual graphic to
represent either monetary value (currency) or suspended aerosols in the atmosphere
From this basic text logo, we have two mutations. The first unstacks the letterings
and adds a graphic, where as the second keeps the stacked lettering but encompasses
it in a graphic.
In the first mutation there is an added element of three clouds which is a nice
addition to the logo. Here, we see that the same storm grey and sky blue are used as

well as a Fibonaccid cloud system. There are three clouds that grow in increasing size
(using the Golden Ratio) from the background to the foreground, moving from dark to
light. Yet, we encounter the same problem as before, the logo doesn't really tell the
viewer what the company does.
The second mutation keeps the stacked lettering and uses one solid chrome
cloud that encompasses the text. The chrome coloring of the chrome is two fold. First,
the chrome cloud has a luster that is similar to that of silver coins and money. Second,
the chrome symbolizes modernity and advancements in technology. Thus, the chrome
is a nice addition and visual to draw upon as representing a Financial-technology
company. Furthermore, smaller icons depicting currency symbols are used on both
sides of the cloud giving the viewer the first glimpse of transfers in, transfers out. We
see the cloud now as a conversion unit table, where one enters coins in the form of
British Pounds, Euros or Dollars, and what comes out is their converted equal. Precisely

what the companys objective is. Unfortunately, this is just a mutation and not the logo
itself. This is just a graphic to visually represent the companys mission and objectives.

Current Logo for The Currency Cloud

The beauty of the current logo is that it accomplishes everything the company
wants to and stands for. They changed the font, added different colors and have
modernized their logo. In their About Us section on their website it says that The
Currency Cloud wants to be a transparent, fast, easy-to-use and secure payments
Transparent. This new logo has three separate graphs that are all share the same
color palette and are transparent. One graph does not cover up another, rather
highlights the area where they overlap. Furthermore, in an attempt to secure trust and

transparency, The Currency Cloud is constantly changing the graphs on their logo to

show how effective and efficient they are being for that day. Here are a few examples of
some variations of transfers in, transfers out and response time.
Fast. These clouds and their variations are the essence of sleek, cool and fast.
The cool color choices of blue, green, teal and aqua give a sense of flowiness but also
of haste. Just like their counterparts in the sky, these clouds can move at light speed.
They resemble the companys turnaround rate of 95% of transactions are completed in
24 hours, these clouds are fast. In fact, one of the graphs is a function of the companys
response time.
Easy to use. This logo is anything but complicated. It is simple, understandable,
reliable and trustworthy. Qualities that The Currency Cloud tries to posses. The
Currency Cloud claims that full operation of their services are available in as little time

as one month for large companies. They boast of secure and safe payments and scan
all clients and cross reference them with sanctions lists as well as other high risk
Engine. Clouds move by one driving force, the wind. Just as strong winds can
move clouds, The Cloud Company desires to move money. By having top of the line
equipment and efficiency, The Cloud Company is processing $7 billion in payments
Possible Futures
I can see this logo moving in a few directions. First, I see them correcting the
alignments and spacing of the lettering beneath the graphic. The graphs start at the
beginning of the letter e in the and end and the beginning of the letter c in cloud.
The spacing is not equal or congruent and is not super pleasing to the eyes.
Additionally, the word currency is not aligned directly and symmetrically under the
As for as color scheme goes, I like where they were headed with chrome.
Possible variations of blue and green tinted chrome may be possible futures. This may
however be difficult to achieve in the transparency category. This would, however, give
more symbolism to the money trading aspect of their company.

Furthermore, being a Fin-Tech company, The Currency Cloud is on top of their

game when it comes to integrating technological terms with their company and relating it
to practical application of their name. The real message that they are trying to convey is
that we are ahead of everyone else in this business. The only possible way to make as
many transfers as they do is through the internet cloud. Everything is online, everything
is efficient, everything is awesome. Their tech-savyness puts them at the forefront above
their competitors.