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Teacher: Tschuor

Grade Level: 8

Subject Area: Technology Education

Length of Lesson: 40 minutes
Desired Results

Indiana Academic Standard(s)

Standard 14: Appropriately operate technological devices and systems.

Enduring Understandings

Essential Question(s)

-Be able to use SPRK

-Be able to understand headings
-Be able to maneuver a Sphero
-Be able to understand coding

-How do you make a Sphero go in a

straight line?
-What is a heading?
-What is coding?

Knowledge and Skill Objectives

Students will be able to code a Sphero to go in a line and in a square.
Assessment Evidence
Programming a Sphero to go in a line and square.
Learning Plan
Learning Activities
-Programming a Sphero on their IPads

Resources and Materials

PowerPoint, SPRK app, Sphero, and IPad
Required Accommodations/Modifications

Name___Marlee DeSplinter__________________________ Date_______ Period____

Lesson Plan Evaluation & Teaching Reflection
Was the content worth knowing? Support your response.
Yes, it is important for kids to learn how to problem solve. Also, it gets the kids more involved in
working with technology and it helps to give them experience with programming. This opens many
kids eyes to the engineering field.
Describe how the activity was developmentally appropriate.
The activity challenges the kids mental state and challenges them emotionally when working in
Give an example of how you know the activity was interesting to the children.
The kids were very attentive when I explained everything and once I let them start programming
they were very focused.
Describe how the activity included opportunities for the children to test their knowledge.
The activity of getting the Sphero to go in a straight line deals with trial and error. The kids were
forced to identify their coding problems then work with their teams to fix it.
Describe a follow up activity that would build on concepts you have presented.
Since they now have the basic knowledge of how to program simple things, like a line and turning
a corner, a follow-up activity could include programming a maze.
What behavior(s) did you observe while presenting the activity? What do you think caused the
The kids were quieter when I was explaining what everything was and less once I had them start
trying it. I think the kids were a little antsy and just wanted to get working.
How did you involve the children in the closure of the activity?
I involved the kids by allowing them to work with a partner to program their Spheros to go in a line.
Describe what changes you would make and what you would keep the same if you presented the
activity again.
If I presented this activity again I would keep the end activity the same but walk them through
everything a little mire. I explained to the kids how to program a line but then I let them fend for
themselves and figure it out. A better step by step outline would help them a little more.