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According to Adel Tamano, Dean, Liceo University, “I emphasized, particularly to the freshmen,
that if they entered law school in search of fortune, then they went to the wrong place. A cursory
look at the Forbes list of the richest Filipinos in 2011 will show that not one of them is a lawyer
by profession. On the point that a career in the law profession is not the most lucrative as
compared to other vocations, I often tell my friends about my elder brother who, after taking a
year of law school and deciding that it wasn’t for him, became far more financially successful
than me through his astute investing and earning a good income from a chain of restaurants. If
you want big bucks, then become an entrepreneur instead of an advocate. It is another painful
truth for law students and lawyers that there are plenty of very poor attorneys and only those at
the very top of the legal food chain can claim to be rich exclusively from the practice of law. In
fact, when I attend court hearings, I see them — members of the Bar who after years of practice
are apparently financially unsuccessful, often relegated to ambulance-chaser status, and
accepting all manner of unmeritorious cases just to survive. However, since the ultimate goal of a
bona fide lawyer is the administration of justice, whether or not you become financially rich in
the practice of law, being a lawyer has the potential to become a truly noble, empowering and
enriching calling. And that, for me, should be the real goal of a law school — not just to churn
out legal technicians and mere scholars of the law but to graduate men and women who have a
true passion and commitment to administering justice, which, sadly, is the rarest and most
precious of commodities in the Philippines.” (Tamano, 2011)

legal education provides students with opportunities to work on journals. in moot court competitions and in a broad range of law school organizations that are designed to enrich the education of future lawyers in terms of their writing.nytimes. 2011) http://www. University of Chicago Law . and we have a responsibility to educate them well before unleashing them on our citizens. A law school that does not do all this in three years should be held accountable for its failure. A law school that can do all this in two years would have my blessing. their advocacy skills and their exposure to diverse political.Foreign According to Geoffrey Stone. legal and cultural perspectives. “Finally. But it is not possible.” (Stone. former Dean. Lawyers play a central role in our society. But giving up on these goals because they are challenging is not a solution.

php .ca/posc/undergraduate/major.e.Advantages of Political Science    Knowledge of the scientific study of politics and government Improved opportunities for jobs in areas such as the government. not for moving on to law school or Masters) http://www. media or consulting Can pursue an optional concentration in Canadian Government or Global Studies Disadvantages of Political Science   Less depth than an Honours degree Usually a terminal degree (i.mun..