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When thinking about education, the Visual and Performance Arts and Physical

Education has been an unimportant curriculum for some school officials, parents,
and teachers because the demand for high academic standardized test scores is the
main focus for school districts. For the VPA framework requires teachers to
implement instruction in dance, music, theatre, and the visual arts. In addition, the
PE framework stresses the necessity of improving locomotor, nonlocomotor, and
manipulative skills for childrens development in physical activities. As a future
teacher, it is my goal to incorporate VPA/PE framework into everyday curriculum
because it gives children an outlet to be creative and active throughout the day.
The two classes that have prepared me for the VPA/PE framework is ART 310
and KIN 425, both classes gave me the tools to develop my knowledge within the
framework. Although, I am not the best artist, taking ART 310 gave me the
confidence to be creative and view art in many different perspectives. This class
has introduced me to different techniques to create drawings and art work using
different types of media, such as, using primary colors to make secondary colors,
using charcoal, using ink, and using color pencils. These tools are essential to
acquire in order for me to teach students a variety of techniques when it is time for
crafting activities. My weakest area in art is my knowledge of my ability to analyze
artwork. I will improve my knowledge by reading more books and going to different
museum exhibits. KIN 425 has taught me the details of the standard content for PE
and the necessary instructions to develop locomotor, nonlocomotor, and
manipulative skills. This class has engrained me with the knowledge of grade
appropriate standard in lesson planning for elementary classes. KIN 425 also taught
me the importance of parents involvement in giving children a healthy and active
life. In addition to the mechanics of PE, I also learned the importance of introducing

and providing healthy foods for students because some parents and teacher often
overlook food as a factor to good health. Teaching and introducing healthy food to
students will be a challenge for me. As a future teacher, I will need to take more
classes that will enhance my knowledge on healthy food and share the information
with parents and hopefully implement them into their life-long goals.
My first artifacts I chose to highlight my learning outcome for the VPA
framework are some artwork I illustrated using different techniques in ART 310. My
artwork shows my ability to teach future students an array of technique they can
use to express their creativity and improve on understanding the value of art
throughout history. For my second artifact I chose my group lesson plan we wrote in
KIN 425. This assignment demonstrates my ability to write a PE lesson plan that
includes a warm-up activity, fitness activity, lesson focus, and a game. The lesson
he lesson focus is in accordance with the fitness standard from the 3rd grade
standards. The objective of this requires students to learn how to jump rope with a
bounce-bounce step. The warm-up activity and fitness activity supports the
framework because it requires students to develop their locomotor movements and
continue maintain their physical fitness.