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Fudge edition of Fate, the game engine that powered pulp RPG Spirit of the Century.
You can find more Fate downloads at:
Fudge edition of Fate, the game engine that powered pulp RPG Spirit of the Century.
You can find more Fate downloads at:

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Published by: tedehara22 on Mar 30, 2010
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While Static checks are appropriate when the character has no direct
opposition, many conflicts will be directly with another character. In those
situations, both sides roll dice and compare outcomes.

Word on the Street

The GM has a set of rumors for the streets of Alverado, and she builds them into
a challenge. She sets the difficulty at Good, requiring the Streetwise or
Contacting skills. She has 10 rumors, plus one secret, so she builds the ladder
with a heavy concentration on solids and significant, so each one will be worth 1
rumor. She considers fragility - a failure is unlikely to disrupt the ladder - it’s
hardly going to take away information already gained. Instead, she decides on a
special circumstance: On a MoF of 3 (which would be Poor result), the
character will offend someone and get attacked by thugs. Lastly, she decides the
span will be one day - this represents going out and spending a day beating the
streets for news. However, news does get stale, so every week the player
doesn’t pursue this challenge, a box will become unchecked.





Fair Difficulty




Gain Spurious Rumor



Gain Useful Rumor


Secret (Plot Hook)

Fragility: On a MoF of 3, the character gets attacked
Span: Check 1/day
Recovery: 1 box per week


Research Party (A
Static Challenge)

A group of apprentice wizards
must find a spell of significant
power to use against the dark
sorcerer who has imprisoned
their mentor.

The GM decides the difficulty
of finding spells like that starts
at Great, and that if the
students work together they'll
eventually be able to find it, get
it translated, and get all the
pieces together to then go out
and cast it. This sounds to her
like a static challenge -- the
students will always be rolling
against Great on their Research
skills, and their successes can
accumulate over time to hit the
goal, which she decides must
be Significant. She also decides
that combined effort should
pay off quickly, as teamwork is
a theme of her game, and as
such, decides only one box will
be necessary per rung.

On a sheet of note paper, she
writes down:
0 Minimal

1 Competent "
2 Solid


3 Significant



Each student makes a roll, and
the GM looks at the margins of
success each one gets against
the Great difficulty, checking off
boxes as appropriate. In just a
few hours, the students have
managed to unravel the secrets
of Grynok's Mighty Spear.
Nervously, they hope it's



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