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Fudge edition of Fate, the game engine that powered pulp RPG Spirit of the Century.
You can find more Fate downloads at:
Fudge edition of Fate, the game engine that powered pulp RPG Spirit of the Century.
You can find more Fate downloads at:

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Published by: tedehara22 on Mar 30, 2010
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The one drawback to all of these structured systems is that they are a little
predictable. They do not allow for the possibility of the drunken
swordmaster having retired to the isolated village, or the corrupt clerk more
interested in his criminal profits than his legitimate bureaucratic pursuits. To
simulate the odd turns of fate that seem to follow heros of fiction around,
the GM may allow players to include one or more “windows of
opportunity” in structured creation. They can use this opportunity to take
an aspect that they should not otherwise be able to, provided they can come
up with a good explanation. The exact number of windows of opportunity
available is the GM’s decision, based on how strongly tied to structure she
wishes creation to be. If the GM wishes, every phase could be a potential
window of opportunity, provided the player has an interesting enough story.

Pursuit Creation:

Duvo is born the youngest son
of a minor noble family. His
initial phase is spent in the
Society pursuit, receiving his
education and taking the aspect
Gentleman. With little prospect
of an inheritance and less of a
favorable marriage, he’s unable
to take another Society pursuit.
He’s a well educated young
man of reasonable talents, and
could easily turn to the pursuit
of Business or Religion, but he
opts for the Military. This allows
a number of aspects options
(Infantry, Cavalry, Engineer,
Clerk, Marine) right out the
door, and Duvo takes the
aspect Infantry. He continues in
the Military pursuit into his next
phase, taking the aspect
Infantry again.

Once again, he pursues the
Military option, and with a third
phase spent in the pursuit, a
number of additional aspects
become available, including
Scout, Artillerist, Outrider and
Spy. Duvo chooses to take the
aspect Spy, and takes it again
on his next phase.

He has now spent 4 phases in
the Military. If he were to
choose to leave at this point, he
would have few options.
Entering Business would be a
shift of gears for him. An Urban
lifestyle might be appropriate,
selling his services as a
bodyguard or the like. The
greatest lure would probably be
the Underworld, where a lot of
ex-veterans end up.

In the face of such options, he
takes another phase in the
Military, and another aspect
becomes available - Officer.
Duvo takes that aspect and
earns a commission. When his
next phase comes around he
has a new potential pursuit -
Society always welcomes
dashing young officers.



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