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To: Michael S.

From: Natalie Mangan
Date: November 20, 2015
Subject: Proposal for Wise A Global Women Empowerment CSR Program
At Dell, we are committed to promoting a culture of inclusion, but we have left one valuable demographic
out of the mix: women. By creating a corporate social responsibility (CSR) program, such as an employee
research group (ERG) for women, we can create opportunities for personal growth, support our mission
of inclusion in the workplace and increase our bottom-line by fostering a better understanding of Dells
Only 14.2 percent of women hold a top-five leadership position at companies in the S&P 500. This
accounts for only 22 female CEOs in the top 500 companies.1 These statistics are alarming, but we can
empower our employees by creating an ERG specifically for our female colleagues. This allows our
female employees to have opportunities to learn invaluable leadership skills and connect with other
employees worldwide
There are many advantages that can result from creating this program and participating in CSR initiatives
in general. Research from a Harvard Law School case study shows the companies that engage in CSR
practices, reduce cost and risk, gain a competitive advantage, develop and maintain legitimacy and
reputational capital and achieve win-win outcomes through synergistic value creation.2
Dell has already created employee research groups such as the Black Employee Resource Group and
Asians in Motion, but women should have their own group where they can enhance their own personal
development and educate others.3 Our research has shown that the more active Dell employees are with
ERGs directly correlates to their career success and the ability to better serve our customers.4 ERG
members have an overall better understanding of Dell strategy, which increases our profitability as a
Dell was nominated a Top 50 Company for Executive Women, but we can continue to expand on our
commitment to our employees by employing Wise. Wise is a global platform for women and would
allow women to share experiences and expertise with one another. This online platform would feature
weekly webinars from top women executives and provide a place where they can watch and learn from
other women leaders.
I look forward to hearing your feedback about this program. We can discuss any suggestions you may
have as we hopefully move forward implementing the Wise program and empower women at Dell to do
great things.
Natalie Mangan
Chief Communications Officer

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