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Inquiry Based Science Lesson Topic:

Presentation Week:
Grade Level:

Reflection: Inquiry Based Science Lesson

After viewing the recording of your Inquiry Based science lesson presentation, evaluate your performance in the following sections.
Write a brief narrative in each of the comment boxes and then submit.



-Does your Inquiry

Based Science Lesson
content align with the
CCSS for the
appropriate grade level?
-Is your Inquiry Based
Science lesson content
and experiment
appropriate for grade
level stated?


-Does your Inquiry

Based Science Lesson
fully demonstrate
connection to topic

Narrative (e.g. areas of strength, areas needing improvement, etc.)

My inquiry lesson was based on the Next Generation Science Standards for science. Though I planned
my lesson as a second grade lesson, the standard that I used was technically for the fourth grade.
Though it was for the fourth grade I felt the material I presented was on a second grade level. I felt the
way I presented the material was developmentally appropriate for the second grade because of the
terminology I used and the easy to follow worksheet I gave.

I feel my lesson fully demonstrated a connections to the topics I taught because the vocabulary, visuals,
and experiments I used for my lesson helped my students make real life connections to the changing
world around them. They were able to reflect on things that theyve seen in their lives and make a
connection to the content of the lesson.

Inquiry Based Science Lesson Topic:


Do you deliver the

lesson clearly, at a good
rate, volume and speed?
Do you hear yourself
continually saying:
Um? Like? Gonna?

Presentation Week:
Grade Level:

I feel I delivered my lesson at clearly and at a good volume and speed. I felt very comfortable in the
classroom giving my lesson and I feel this comfort benefitted not only myself in giving the lesson, but
helped the students better understand the content as well.
I did not notice myself saying um, like, or gonna, but I very well might have and did not notice.


-Do you show a deep

understanding and
working knowledge of
the presentation topic or
is more
reading/research needed
on your part?

I think I showed a fairly good understanding and working knowledge of the presentation topic, though I
may need to go more in depth to get a better understanding on some of the topics. I did much research to
prepare for the lesson and I feel this research definitely helped me convey what I felt second grade
students would understand.


Does your experiment

completely follow the
6E Model by allowing
students to Engage,
Explore, Explain,
Elaborate, and Evaluate
throughout the hands
on activity?

My experiment followed the 6E Model very well. I had the students engaged at the beginning of the
lesson by developing schema and presenting a video for e-learning. I also had them do a short
experiment to engage my students in the content. I had the students explore by looking at pictures of
different types of weathering. I explained the different types of weathering and erosion to my students.
To elaborate I had my students do an experiment on different types of erosion. To evaluate I went over
what the students observed in the experiment and had them pass or play to tell me what they learned.

Inquiry Based Science Lesson Topic:


Self/Peer Review

-Does your Inquiry

Based Science Lesson
engage all types of
learners (i.e.
kinesthetic, auditory,
and visual learners?)
-Do your classmates
appear interested and
motivated in your
Inquiry Based Science
Lesson and its
Were your classmates
peer review
submissions similar to
how well you believed
you did when
presenting your Inquiry
based lesson and
Was there something
that your classmates
pointed out, that you
did not know you were
doing, throughout the
If delivering the lesson

Presentation Week:
Grade Level:

I feel my lesson engaged all types of learners. I had my students work on hands on experiments, I had
visuals of different types of weathering and erosion in my presentation, I had a video that would engage
a auditory learner very well. My classmates appeared very interested in my lesson and they enjoyed
doing my experiments and worksheets throughout the lesson.

I think my classmates peer review submissions were similar to how well I felt I did in my lesson. The
only criticisms they had for my presentation was that I should have changed where I put my pictures,
which I noticed myself when I was presenting the slides. They also wanted me to go over the rules for
the experiment before I had the students start the experiment, which I meant to do but unfortunately
forgot. Besides that, they all really enjoyed doing the experiments and liked the way I set up my
worksheet. I do not think my classmates pointed out anything that I did not notice I was doing during
my lesson.
If I were to deliver this lesson again I would review the rules before giving out materials for the
experiments and I would put pictures on my vocabulary slides so that the students could have a visual
representation of the word with their definition.
I have grown from this experiment because I have seen that I can feel very comfortable in a classroom
and I can give an inquiry based lesson which I thought might be a lot harder to do at the beginning of
this semester. I see that inquiry based lessons are an essential part of teaching to help guide students into
learning instead of constantly lecturing and not giving students a chance to test things by themselves.

Inquiry Based Science Lesson Topic:
again, what would you
do differently?
How will you grow
from this experiment?

Presentation Week:
Grade Level:
Overall I feel this lesson was a great experience for me and has helped me grow as a future educator.